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How to make a Super Mario cake or any other standing figure

Hi guys! This is my first tutorial so excuse me if things might sound a little confusing :) I have always wanted to make this kind of cakes and I decided to make one for the Ventura County Fair 2012 competition. I am attaching some pictures so it would be easier to understand what excatly I was doing. If you have any question, please don't hesitate and ask me. I'm not an expert but I am learning from every cake I make :) Much love, Tali

List of Materials

  • PVC
  • RKT
  • Fondant
  • Buttercream
  • Cake board

I drew a sketch of Super Mario including all the PVC connectors such as 45º, 90º, cross and a T. I wanted it to be pretty tall. If you can see, sizes were 10'' for the head, 10'' for the torso, and 10'' for the legs. Later I realized that it didn't make so much sense because this is a video game character and usually the head is bigger so I made the legs and hands shorter.
I made the head out of a cake dummy, drew Mario's face on top and carved the shape of his head. The Eyes, nose, lips etc just gave me an idea of how it going to look like.
Here is Mario covered with fondant, I couldn't stop smiling because he looked so funny to me LOL Doesn't it look hilarious??? I made Mario's skelaton using PVC and connectors for his "joints" (you can find it in any hardware store. I also got 2 flanges to have him stand and drilled it to a pre-cut 2'x2' square wood base, and trust me this metal flanges made it SO secure! Something I have learned for my next cake: Drill the flanges UNDER the base, not on top like I did because it was hard to cover it and it makes it look unprofessional.
I covered Mario's body with RKT. IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn't take a picture of the rectangle wood I put under his torso this is VERY IMPORTANT because it will avoid accidants. I drilled into the PVC and placed a rectangle piece of wood between his torso and hips for support.
I covered Mario's feet with buttercream and than brown fondant, made a hole in the styrofoam head and connected it to the PVC.
I covered his legs with blue pants.BTW, here I learned from one of my mistakes. The fondant was too thin and that is why it's easy to see bumps of the RKT. When you roll the fondant the make sure your fondant is thick enough. If it is not, you can always add one more layer of fondant.
I made the top part of the mushroom out of a giant half cake pop. What I did was just placing it in a bowl with the shape I was looking for, and turned it up-side-down on a round cake board. Than I covered with fondant and air-brushed it.The bottom part of the mushroom is a styrofoam covered with skin tone fondant.
Mario and I. I was so excited - first competition and first edible figure.It felt great! Results will be ready only tomorrow. I can't wait! :)

Comments (52)

Thank you for the time you've invested to show us how its done, and many thanks for sharing!!! :D
Thanks so so much sharing.
Good luck on your contest. Thanks for sharing :)
That's a lot for sharing. But I was just wondering how exactly you drilled the wooden rectangle between the torso and hips so that it surrounded the PVC.
Please excuse my stupid question..... But where's the cake?
He looks great! Good luck and thank you for sharing your experience with everyone! We all learn from each other!
Ooooh. He is SO cute! Thanks much for the tutorial :-) Can't wait to hear how you fare at the fair!
WOW! awesome info THANK YOU
It's awesome, but what part of him (Mario) is cake? Was the mushroom the only cake ?
Thank you guys! @MKaberle, the cake is the top of the mushroom. This contest was only for the decorated part. This tutorial was more about how to BUILD A PVC structure than making the actual cake... @Cakeastic, I really wish I took a picture of the wooden rectangle :( I'm sorry it is confusing. I drilled a long screw from his back to his front in order to support the wooden rectangle and than placed it on top of the screw, I hope it helps :)
You did an awesome job for your first attempt. Thanks so much for sharing!!
what is....what looks like a box behind me...and forgive me but can you explain again the box (for his torso) thanks
Good luck, he's really remarkable. I can see how much work went into it. I can't call this a cake though, just like I can't call fondant "icing". You did a wonderful job on making the structure though.
box behind HIM (not me....duh sorry)
OMG!! You did a GREAT job!!!!! And thanks so much for your drawing and pics of the PVC. I'm pretty mechanically-inclined, but always need pics, so this really helps me understand and "put 2 and 2 toether" :-) !! Great, great job!
WOW! you are so kind thank you so much for sharing this with us, I really like the idea of making the head of a cake dummy
To help cover the RKT paint melted chocolate on the structure. I have always wanted to tackle a such as this- god job!
Thank you, Tali5484 - very informative! But I am wondering where the cake part comes in? Thanks, Mary1074, for the RKT tip. Good advice!
CammyCakes, Your Mario/RKT cake is fantastic, I love the way you taggle that , I give it to you, congradulations and I sincerely hope you win your contest.. Keep it up, you doing a great job. :)
I have also been wondering how to use pvc in structures. This is very helpful! Thank you. I am still a little confused about the wood in the torso, but usually I can figure it out as I go. Thanks again!!
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