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Super Easy Tiramisu Filling

Just a simple, super easy take on a Tiramisu filling.


  • 14oz of Marcarpone cheese 3-4 TBS of Kahula (or your preferred coffee liqueur) 3-4 cups of Powdered Sugar (depending on how thick you'd like it. Cocoa Powder


Put cheese and Kahula in a mixer. Add powdered sugar until desired consistency is desired. Spread on cake, and then dust layer with cocoa powder.

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Thank's , good recpie without egg .
oooooo yummy, this is great thanks
Sounds good. Does anyone have a good Tiramisu cake recipe to go with it?
For a simple cake recipe to go with this, try Pampered Chef Season's Best Fall/Winter 2010.
Could find that kind of cheese - will Riccotta work the same? I am going to try it and I will let you know if it tastes ok. This is going to be the filling between two layers of chocolate cake then covered with cream cheese frosting.
A cheaper alternative to mascarpone cheese: cream together 8 oz softened cream cheese, 1/4 c heavy cream, and 2.5 Tbsp sour cream. I would double it to make the 14 oz needed for this recipe :)
can I use coffe instead of kalua?
I think coffee would work fine, after all you use real coffee to make real tiramisu :-) I have made a tiramisu cake using a vanilla sponge cake (bar shape) torted into several layers, filled with a marscapone/cream cheese fiilling and finely grated dark chocolate. Use sweetened strong black expresso coffee to moisten the layers before adding filling. Delish!
Thank you Becky :) And yes, coffee would work just great!
I'm sorry fans of this recipe, but I cannot see my self making this. I've been making tiramisu for years now, and this just sounds gross:( I'm sure It may taste great to others but not in my family:)
did that really need to be said? Dont like it, keep it to yourself!
That was rude. Thank you MoG for saying something. " I'm sure it tastes great to others but not in my family. " How about you try it first... or just stay hush.
I apologize for causing such hostility. I never meant to be rude. I was actually referring to Kuelker7's response. Again, it's not personnel it's just my opinion. thank-you gsj
GRACIESJ: Is your recipe a family secret, plse share.
thank-you shoko. I did summit my recipe yesterday and I'm sure it'll be up in a few days or so. Let me know when you try it:)
I was thinking of using this as a filling for a chocolate layer cake. Does anyone have an opinion of how it will taste? thanks
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