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Strawberry Cake - WASC method

I was looking for a strawberry cake, and I'm in love with the WASC cake, and wasn't so fond of the texture that came out with cakes that called for jell-o in the mix. So, I found a way to compromise! I had tried quite a few different strawberry cake recipes with sup-par results. Anyways, this is what worked for me - just thought I'd share! Enjoy:)


  • 1 Box DH Strawberry Supreme Cake (I've found that DH works the best) 1 c Flour 1 c Sugar 3 T Strawberry Jell-o 4 eggs (yes, one more than what the box calls for) 1 c Sour Cream 1 1/3 c Water 1/3 c Oil 2 t Strawberry Extract


Combine dry ingredients. Add remainder of ingredients, mix on low until combined, then on medium x 2 minutes. (I mixed it using my KA mixer, and it was a bit full, so be careful!) Bake at 350.

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I was very impressed with this recipe, as I have struggled to get the Strawberry WASC to keep the "strawberry flavor". Even using the extracts. So I followed this recipe exact and the result was a wonderfully strawberry flavor that I ... a die hard non-strawberry cake person... even liked. Thank you for posting it...The kids all gave it 10 thumbs up (4 kids and a hubby)
Oh and the Jello is what really brought out the flavor believe it or not. (I had never used Jello in a recipe before.... now Im trying to figure out what else I can put it in LOL
Where can you buy strawberry extract?
Where did you find strawberry extract?
Did anyone get little balls of jello after mixing? I did and not sure if I did somethin wrong..Please help...Making one now...
How much battered did you get? What are the pan size options? Can't wait to try this, sounds yummy!
@ galpal, I found Strawberry Extract at Meijer. :)
I could only find Betty Crocker Strawberry cake mix. I used strawberry yogurt in place of the sour cream, I added a couple drops of bright pink Americolor gel and five or six tiny droppers of strawberry flavored Lorann oil. I had enough batter for a nice 9x13 cake. I think I under cooked it, although the sides were coming away from the pan, the top was starting to turn golden and the toothpick came out near clean. Everyone LOVED it, but I thought it was too moist - thus my "under cooked" theory. No one complained and there was not a crumb left on any plate :o) Thank you for posting.
Will this recipe work for cupcakes?
OMG!!!! This made the most incredible strawberry cake I've ever had! Still waiting for it to completely cool, but so far it's a keeper. I cut off the top bit because the smell was making my mouth drool and it is sooooooo good!!!! I did add about a 1/4 cup of pureed strawberries also and am very happy I did so. Thank you so much! Now I know what recipe to use for my wedding cake due this Sat!
Might be a stupid question, but do you put in the tablespoon of jello as the powder or do you make it into a liquid before adding?
I'm with Adreasmommy, not sure if you make the jello first or just add the crystal powder?? Please help, I would love to give this a try.
justgettingstarted - I've never made this (but will soon) but I'm assuming just the crystal jello powder. Good luck
Is this recipe missing added salt?? WASC calls for added salt.
So sorry to leave everyone hanging! When I had posted this recipe, CC was having troubles so I never realized that it actually got posted! - I found my strawberry extract at a local IGA, Wal-Mart here carries it too. (its red in color, I also have bought some from GSA - it's a clear strawberry flavor made by Magic Line, but I haven't tried it yet) -I did not make the jell-o first, just open the jell-o packet and measure out 3 T (I just keep the rest in a little tupperware container to use for the next time I make another one!) - I have not had any problems with the jell-o 'balling up'. Make sure that you add the jello in with the rest of the dry ingredients first and combine them well. Maybe that will help:) - this will do a 2 layer 8" round perfectly! I'd approximate about 7 c of batter - @littlesliceofheaven - this is a super moist cake - but I know that BC cakes have "more pudding in the mix", and I think when I tried this recipe with BC i had the same problem with it being "too moist". I only have one place in my town where I can get the DH Strawberry Surpreme, and it's well worth it. Pillsbury didn't cut it for me either! - @cocobean - No, it's not "missing" the salt:) I just didn't add it because I didn't think that it was needed. By all means, if you try it with the salt, let me know how it turns out! - @angelgirl10 - Good ol' AP flour. -@Circae - I always seemed to have problems with adding the puree and it seemed to make the cake "too heavy" and sink in the middle - what's your secret?:) -@raquel12 - I have not tried it with cupcakes yet -@galpal - WASC - is White Almond Sour Cream cake, I just based this cake off of that same method used for WASC (if you haven't tried that - do! It's super yummy!) HTH!! :)
O.K. I made this recipe using 1t. salt (because I doubbled the recipe) and it tasted great. I don't know what it tasted like without it since I've only made it this one time. I followed the recipe except for adding the salt and accidently baked at 325 instead of 350. I had batter left over and baked the second pans at the proper 350. The 350 degrees ones, did not sink in the middle like the 325 degrees ones but they both turned out delicious. I also made cupcakes with some of the batter and they were great also baked at the 350. They had a slight dome. The flavor and moistness is very good with this recipe. I will be using this recipe for my go to strawberry cake. Thanks so much for sharring it with us and coming up with it. I have to say the little bit of Jello and extra egg were the great touch that seem to make this recipe work!! Kudos Jessi83!!
Is this cake dense enough to hold up under fondant? I want to try this sounds really good. The last strawberry cake I made was super moist and would not have withstood the weight of the fondant.
Hmmm....I was also wondering if this cake would be dense enough to hold up under fondant? In the past, I have had the issue of boxed strawberry cakes sinking in the middle. Is this because I was baking it at 325?
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