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Sticky Chocolate Icing

I have been looking for a nice chocolate frosting that is like the canned frosting you can buy and finally came across a recipe from Pioneer Woman's blog. This is a fantastic recipe - tastes great and just like the canned frosting, but better! You can use any chocolate you would like (I prefer milk chocolate over semi-sweet).


  • 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate 2 tablespoons butter


  1. Mix ingredients together in a small/medium saucepan. Melt ingredients over medium low heat, stirring gently.
  2. Icing is ready when all ingredients are melted and combined. WARNING: MUST BE SERVED WITH A GLASS OF COLD MILK!

Comments (9)

Does this icing need mixing with a blender when it cools? Or does it do well spreading it as is? Does it crust? It does look good.
No blender needed, just a spoon! :) If it gets to stiff for me (which is only when I have taken it out of the fridge, I warm it up in the microwave and just use a spoon to mix it back up. It does not "crust", but does harden when completely cooled.
Putting into my fav's so I can find it the next time I need a fudgy icing!
Sounds delicious. Thank you for including the warning.
Does this need to be refrigerated, or can it be used for a filling in a wedding cake? Have you ever used white chocolate? Thanks for the recipe.
This is fudgy, delicious, be sure to use butter, not margarine. Frost cake with this while it's still hot. Thank you for this recipe.
I love this recipe. I just made a chocolate on chocolate cake for my husband's birthday party. Everyone loved it - so fudgy, so delicious.... thanks for sharing!!!!!
Great recipe. Flavor is fantastic. I used it to frost a barrel cake, and the Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers stuck really great to the sides of the cake. I used Ghiradeli milk chocolate morsels. Very nice flavor and consistency. Thanks for the recipe. Will definitely use again, and is in my favorites.
can you pipe this? i'm looking for a fudge icing to pipe on cupcakes
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