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Simple 'n Moist Strawberry re-mix

This recipe will fill 2-10", 2-6" rounds and a few cupcakes left over. Simple and flavorful! I have used this recipe to carve cakes as well as stack so it is durable as well. If you can't find strawberry pudding mix, you can substitute strawberry gelatin but I found the cake is more moist with the pudding. I have also used cheesecake flavored pudding with a little strawberry extract as well.


Amount Ingredient
2 boxes white cake mix 2 cups pureed strawberries with juice
8 whole eggs 1 cup flour
1 cup sugar 1 1/2 cup oil
2 cups sour cream 1 small package instant strawberry pudding


Mix all ingredients until combined and bake at 350. If you have a smaller mixing bowl, half the recipe and mix individually then combine in a large bowl before baking.

Comments (22)

What is instanst strawberry pudding? is it the stuff in a packet that you usually mix with milk (we call it Angel delight) it sets to the consistancy of yoghert if left in the fridge. THANKS
Yes, I would like to know also...what is instant strawberry pudding? Or do you mean jello?
we have jello brand pudding but no store sells a strawberry pudding where do you get it from
I actually got it at our locally owned grocery store. It's Jell-O brand Strawberry Creme, and is instant pudding mix. Maybe it's a new flavor? I'll have to google it but I assume you can find it if our tiny store sells it.
I have used this same recipe before, only with Jello-O Strawberry Gelatin. It turns out just as well as with the pudding. Just make sure to by the cake box mix with the pudding in it.
Could you use strawberry mousse instead of the pudding or jello?
How about using instant vanilla pudding instead of the strawberry? Since you have all that pureed strawberry in your mix already, wouldn't that work as well?
@kakekitchen I am sure that would work. However you would not have that rich strawberry flavor or the bright pink color.
what is boxes of white cake mix ... can i nit make my own
All purpose flour or cake flour?
walmart is the only place that I have found that sells the strawberry pudding mix.
I used all purpose flour, but you could use cake flour just as well. I was in Wal Mart today and found they sell the strawberry pudding mix. I think any flavor pudding mix will work but the strawberry gives it a better flavor I think. Lucy1, white cake mix, as in Duncan Hines box cake mix, or Pillsbury etc. Any brand will work just fine as I buy whatever is on sale at the time.
I'm in Australia and just wanted to check that any store bought cake mix will be ok? We have Instant Puding Mix I think that is the same as your pudding mix, just mixed with milk. Is this a cake that lasts as I lusually use a Mudcake which is quite a heavy cake for decorated cakes. How log does it last after it is decorated? As you can [probably tell I am a beginner at this. Hope you can help. Great website, lots of info.
For the pureed strawberries with juice can you use fresh or frozen with the juice?
PollyKosi, I refrigerated it for a day and then it was left out for a day and was just fine. I wouldn't go longer than that though. I hope it's safe to assume that the boxed mixes in Australia are the same here so any will do. I have used 3 different brands including an off brand and it was just fine. chefdot I have used both fresh and frozen with the juice.
Walmart is the only place I have seen the strawberry pudding. I buy a couple of boxes everytime I go as you never no when they will stop carrying it.
I tried this cake over the weekend and I was really happy with how it turned out. I couldn't find the strawberry pudding so I used french vanilla instead. I cut the recipe in half but still added the whole box of pudding. I paired it with white chocolate SMBC and fresh strawberries for the filling. Delish!!!
Can someone tell me the name of a store or the location of a Walmart that has this so i can order it and have it shipped to me? The strawberry creme jello? Thanks
mnjones12, I live in Wyoming and they have it at 2 Wal Marts here. I just made this recipe again and added a t. of Strawberry extract, along with an extra 1/4 cup of fresh strawberry puree and used the Strawberry Creme pudding, and it's out of this world yummy. The middle sank a bit, due, I'm sure, to the added liquid though.
I'm sorry to ask another question, but with the frozen strawberries, there will be quite a bit of juice, but fresh strawberries would have less juice. which would be better?
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