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Saffron Ice Cream

For a dairy dessert, try Saffron Ice Cream, also from Batmanglij "New Food of Life."


4 Cup Milk
1 Cup Sugar
2 tsp powdered sahlab
1/2 Cup h\Half Cream
1/2 tsp Saffron
3 table spoons Rose Water
2 table spoons pistachios


1. In large saucepan, stir together milk and sugar and bring to boil over medium heat. 2. put sahlab in bowl, add 1 cup warm milk mixture. Mix well until smooth. 3. Add this mixture to warm milk in saucepan. Simmer over low heat, stir constantly, until it thickens. It should be slightly elastic at this point. Remove pan from heat. 4. Add saffron-rose water. Mix well. Cool 2 hours. Pour into ice-cream machine. 5. Follow ice cream machine's directions for making ice cream. 6. Pour thin layer of half-and-half onto a flat plate, place in freezer until a frozen creamy crust forms. Remove crust from freezer, break off 1/2 inch pieces of the crust and mix with finished ice cream. 7. Serve saffron ice cream in small bowls (or in one large bowl), sprinkle with ground pistachios. For those who want it fast: use 1 pint vanilla ice cream. Add frozen cream pieces, saffron, rose water and pistachios. Mix well.


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Cake Central › Recipes › Saffron Ice Cream