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Rice Krispies Treats - RKT

These are great for treats, and for making "fake cakes" and carving 3D sculptures you can cover in fondant or gumpaste. Plus it is easy and cheap!

Rice Krispies Treats - RKT


  • 4 cups (1 lb bag) of rice krispie or similar cereal 5 cups (16 oz bag) of mini marshmallows 1/4 cup butter or vegatable oil


  1. 1st melt the butter thoroughly in a medium sized pot, then you dump the marshmallows in.
  2. Keep mixing until the marshmallows melt and they no longer have a shape.
  3. Add the cereal.
  4. Stir quickly to make sure all the cereal gets covered in marshmallow. And that's it.

Comments (59)

first time ive tried making my own krispie treats and i have to say i'm impressed with this recipe so were the kids ha ha Thankyou will definately use it again!
do you put these in the fridge to cool or just keep them on the counter top for an hour or so? When it is safe to use the RKT?
I have never tried using RKT before but am very interested. Would also like to know the answer about how long to leave it before trying to mould it. Does it all just stick together? Do you need damp hands? Sorry for all the q's - any help would be appreciated!!
Love this recipe!! Have never used RKT before so was a bit nervous....worked perfectly. Carved a car and had no problems at all. In answer to the above questions, I pushed it into a tin very firmly, then popped it into the fridge until it was nice and firm. Then I just cut the size I needed and started carving. I didn't need damp hands. Love it!! (Am about to use it again)
I'm confused. My box of Rice Krispies holds about 10 cups and it only weighs 8 oz. How can 4 cups weigh 1 pound, as your recipe indicates? Am I reading this incorrectly?
This sounds sooo much easier than i thought it would be! Thank you! :D Im gonna use this for a cake shaped like Hello kitty (I need it for the ears :P) :D
Weight and volume are labeled with the same words for some reason (pounds and ounces), but are not the same, like on a cereal box. The 1 pound of rice krispies is not equal to 16oz or 2 cups, like it says on a pyrex measuring cup. The 1 pound refers to the weight on the scale of 4 cups of Rice Krispies, not the volume. Think of a 1 cup pyrex measuring cup which is marked 8 ounces (volume). One cup/8oz of feathers would not weigh the same as 1 cup/8oz of rocks! Most bakers measure in measuring cups, but others, like me, like to weigh my ingredients on a scale. HTH :)
With all of that butter did the treats soften or fall apart at all after coming back to room temp?
ok, i made these according to the recipe, but used all of the notes below from your comments to make sure i was paying attention to all of the details. One of the things i have always done when making this rkt's is to use extra grease (butter/marg.) on my hands or used a piece of wax paper to push them down firm. By far the best way was to wet your hands and shake off the excess(like you do when you use one of those air hand dryers). that was the first thing. I measure dry ingredients in a non liquid measuring cup. when i find an amount that works i weight it, instead of measuring it out (it makes it much easier) i used a food scale for dieting for a long time ( i just had to manually zero it every time i used it) I now use 7 oz( i think its 6 or 7 cups i will double check that) of rk, i use marg. instead of butter($), and i use any size marshmallow and melt them in the microwave. i line the pan with a piece of wax paper. Pheww that was a lot to say.!!!! i hope it helps.
this recipe worked out great. i made a trunk lid from it and this weekend i will be doing a plane...thanks everyone!
I have a question about the RKT...if i want to cover with fondant, do i coat the RKT with buttercream or something to help the fondant stick? thanks for any help!!
ps it was 7cups of rk, when using a dry measure cup.
I too would like to know if the RK need any kind of covering before putting on the fondant. TIA :)
you melt the butter..but what if you use veg oil?do you heat it first?..thanks
I would also like to know if the rk needs a covering before fondant -- how do you keep it from being all bumpy? Just really thick fondant?
I've actually put my RKT in the food processor on "pulse" to not make it so bumpy. Just make sure to measure out the amount you need before you blend it up. Also, I add a "crumb coat" on my sculptures for two reasons a) to fill in the grooves some what and b) to help the fondant stick :)
Hi there, I want to mold this into a spiderman 3D cake. Would i need to let it cool down first or just do it staright away?
working on a golf bag for a grooms cake every time i apply my pockets etc... it keeps falling back off afetr a couple of hours any suggestions? thanks
For those covering RKT's with fondant....once your "piece" is carved or shaped...cover it with melted white choc (or royal icing for a showpiece) and let it set up. It's messy but this will fill in all the nooks and crannies for a smoother surface. Then use a spray bottle of water to dampen it so your fondant will adhere to it.
I just used dark chocolate ganache to cover. Let set then smoothed it. Then I sprayed it lightly with water and covered it with fondant.
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