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Red Velvet Re-Mix

The scratch bakers are going to cringe, but I tried a number of Red Velvet variations and never liked the results. This baked beautifully and was moist and full of flavor. I topped it with a ton of cream cheese icing.


  • 1 Ducan Hines Red Velvet cake mix 1 C Flour 1 C Sugar 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder 1 C Sour Cream 1 C Buttermilk 4 Eggs 2 Tsp Vanilla 1 Tbsp Red Food Coloring


Combine dry ingredients in one bowl and set aside. Combine liquid ingredients and eggs in a seperate bowl beat until smooth then add to dry ingredients by thirds. Pour into prepared pan and bake until done. I generally bake at 325 but had other things in the oven first and forgot to turn it down from 350. This recipe is patterned after a WASC cake and makes the equivalent amount of cake. Enjoy

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Just oil or butter in the recipe?
I was wondering the same, no oil or butter in the recipe?
If you look at a WASC recipe, they don't have oil or butter either
maybe not because of the sour cream and buttermilk. I was wondering the same.
Interesting, I'll have to try it the next time I have a red velvet to do. I usually start with boxes too, and doctor them up :) Seems that when I go to tastings, people are liking mine better than others that they have tried (both box makers and scratch makers). Not sure what I am doing differently :)
how much batter does this make?
Add 1/3 cup of oil I just made strawberry version of this I found in cc - perfect!
Just made this cake. I did use 1/3 c. oil. It turned out just perfect.baked at 325, 6 x2 for 35 minutes. 8x3 for 50 minutes.
I cannot get the red velvet cake mix here.Just wondering if you can use a devils food cake mix and still use the same ingredients
Shirley: I would say yes, you can easily start with a Devil's Food Cake. You will need to add more Red Food Coloring (1 or 2 T?), and can omit the cocoa powder.
I would have to try this one. You know I was used to making cakes from scratch, then I started making cakes with the box mix and now sometime when I make a scratchh cake it don't turn out right. I think it's the new stove.
I have an order for a Red Velvet this week, so I'm going to try this one.
I tried it. I added 1/3 cup oil. baked at 350. Really good! I really like this recipe! it's somewhere in between a scratch RV (which is dry) and a box. My cakes came out really moist and tasty. This is now my go to RV recipe. Thanks beancountingbaker! :D
If you use a Devil's Food mix you will end up with a doctored chocolate cake colored red. Red Velvet is not a chocolate cake. It would be better to use a German Chocolate mix.
I tried this recipe and it didn't work for me at all! First let me say that I live in Colorado so baking cakes is always a struggle for me. When I make modified cake mixes I always start by doing what is on the back of the box for high altitude and then doing the mods after. So ducan hines says add 1/4 cup flour to the mix. I also added 1/3 cup of oil like everyone suggested. My cake was super dense, super dry and just not really a cake at all. So its back to the drawing board for this high altitude baker.
Thankyou so much for this recipe!!!
I have used the exact recipe and it comes out great everytime!!
I baked this one last week, added the 1/3 c of oil and it turned out great, baked beautifully! Customer e-mailed and said that the cake was amazing! THank you for sharing your recipe!
I tried this recipe and took it to work. I have never had a Red Velvet cake before and so I was unable to judge if this was a good cake recipe. I asked my co workers for HONEST feedback and everyone loved it. One of the docs tried it and she said " now I assume that was made from scratch"...and I said " mix with added things. To me Red Velvet is rather tasteless but everyone else loved it so it's a keeper.
oh and now I just need a Really good Cream Cheese icing from somebody. Anyone? PM me if you have one...thanks.
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