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Raspberry Puree Filling

here's a good one that can be refrigerated or left out at room temp for 2 days- it is also thick, so it will NOT ooze out or make your cake soggy. I was on the hunt for one to use in a large wedding cake that would be out for some time... Had some helpful info from JanH regarding the liquor addition, and viola! this is the result, love it and use it very frequently. Very refreshing, cuts the sweetness of the cake and icing.

Raspberry Puree Filling


  • 1 12oz bag of frozen raspberries, thawed. (or fruit of your choice) 1/4 c granulated white sugar 3 TB cornstarch mixed withe equals parts COLD water to disolve. lemon juice- to taste 2-3 TB rasberry chambord (french liquor- preservative).


  1. thaw berries. puree them in blender. press though a sieve to remove seeds. place berry puree in a pot on the stove over medium/low heat. add sugar and disolved cornstarch. bring to a simmer, stirring constantly so you will not have lumps. once it thickens nicely, remove from heat. allow to cool. add chambord. chill for a few hours, then fill your cake. dont forget a thick icing dam!
  2. the chambord will not change to flavor as it is made from raspberries, herbs and honey.

Comments (19)

Melysa, where can I purchase chambord? Is this similar to the fruit fillings you can purchase at cake decorating stores? Thanks.
Chambord is a liquor that you would buy at the package store.
I love this recipe. We have a raspberry bush so when I have an abundance of fresh raspberries, I make a big batch and freeze it in smaller portions. I mix it with buttercream for a delicious raspberry "mousse" filling. Thanks for a great recipe!
does anyone know how much filling this recipe yields? I am making a stacked lemon cake and need to fill one (1) 4-layer 6" square and one (1) 4-layer 9" square.
Do you have to use the chamboed as it is quite expensive?
Very good filling. I used it with white cake, and it was delicious. It was the perfect consistency for spreading on layers, and it was such a nice, tart compliment to the sweetness of the cake. Thanks for the great recipe.
I would love to try this. Can anyone recommend an alternative to the Chamord or can I just omit it? I will be making a cake for a ladies church luncheon and would like to avoid the alcohol issue :-) Thanks!
I have made this recipe and it was enough to fill a 6 inch cake. I have used amaretto with it also. This is a great recipe!
I doubled the sugar to make it just a bit sweeter and love it. It's still tart enough to offset the sweetness of the cake. It's nice and thick. I left out the chambord simply because I didn't have any and it's fine without. Be careful not to overcook, it can become too thick and a bit lumpy (it was still good though). It's definately one I come back to.
It was a little more sour for me, so next time I will defenately add more sugar next time.
This is my go to fruit filling recipe. I love it. Sometimes depending on who he cake is for I leave out the Chambord and substitute about 1 tsp of raspberry extract but I have done this with out the Chambord and extract and it taste just fine.
I need to make a wedding cake but would love to do this recipee along with a layer of vanilla butter cream on top of the rasberry would this stay all day
Just tried it today, it has not even cooled yet but I want to eat the whole bowl -- simple - delicious! Thank you
I made this today for the first time.... Very easy and fantastic... I left out the Chambord and increased my sugar to 1/3c.... Perfect!
Just made this for a cake, and it was amazing! I increased the sugar like other people suggested (to 1/3 c) and I'm glad I did. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and just the right amount of raspberry tartness. I did not use Chambord, but it turned out just fine.
Thanks! This one is definitely for keeps!
This is a wonderful filling. Thank you! I do have one question, however. I left out the Chambord, and I was wondering if this would affect the length of time this filling could remain unrefrigerated.
Love this filling! I've been getting rave reviews! Thanks for sharing :)
My go to recipe! Sugar changed to 1/3 to make sweeter. I've used the same idea with strawberries as well with much success! I'm so glad I stumbled across this one. I've used as well as omitted the chambord - no major difference so don't worry. Yum!
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