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Pineapple Angel Food Cake

This is the easiest, fail proof recipe you can make and it is perfect in the summer for cook outs. I love it plain, no icing, but I've also had it with cream cheese frosting or drizzled with glaze. The pineapple is such a compliment to the angel food cake.


  • 1 box Angel Food cake mix (I like DH brand) 1 large (20 oz) can of crushed pineapple (in heavy syrup, do not drain)


1. Prep: REMOVE top oven rack; move remaining rack to lowest position. PREHEAT oven to 350°F. DO NOT GREASE THE PAN. 2. Pour cake mix into a bowl and add the entire can of crushed pineapple. Mix at low speed until moistened (30 seconds) and mix at medium speed for one minute. Do not overmix. 3. BAKE for 38 to 48 minutes. That's it! It's so simple but it's a gorgeous cake, moist and delicious.

Comments (22)

What size pan did you use for this?? this looks really yummy... and fat free.. :D
I gather DH is duncan hines as well???
My family hasd been making this for years, always a hit. I have used any kind of angel food that is on sale and I use fruit with 100% fruit juice.
Thanks a bunch Yums for that bit of info.... I have a diabetic in the house who can tolerate some sugars but not too much. The natural juice version is definitely my way to go. Hollandy thanks for sharing!
So no water added? Just the juice from the can?
Love this inthe summer time! I make mine as cupcakes...excellent snack if you are on Weight Watchers...very low points!
i just made this cake. IT IS WONDERFUL!! thank you Hollandy for this quick and easy and delicious cake recipe.
I just made this cake! It was the first time I had ever made angel food cake, and the first time I ever ate it too, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!
I just made this cake for the first time and mine is on the counter. I cooked it for 48 minutes and my oven temp is correct. I have had this happen too often lately and so has my mom. Tastes good though.
I made this cake for a dinner at church tonight. Bad news: mine fell a bit and wasn't very pretty. GREAT news: I sliced it and layered it in a trifle bowl with cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans, then topped it with whipped cream. I heard it was awesome; I don't know because my husband and I never got any. It was gone before we could get to it!!! (Okay I had one bite that my brother shared-he wanted to lick the bowl.) Will definitely make it again. Thanks for sharing!
-sweetness - you use an angel food cake pan and yes, Dh is Dunca Hines but I've used a variety of brands. -You can use either the fruit juice pineapple or the one in heavy syrup and I've not tried it but I guess probably with any fruit too. -Krista - no extra water, only the juice from the fruit -Pam - no eggs (I know, it can't be this easy!) Yorkie and Songbird - sorry you didn't have better luck! I've never had a problem with this recipe at all so I'm not sure what happened for you!
Not complaining! It still tasted great. And I think I know what I did wrong. (Helps to read the package instructions.) Baked another one yesterday. I skipped the part about cooling it upside down for an hour and a half on a heat-proof glass bottle. Think that might be why it fell! was still delish!
I was shocked that my cake fell. My sister in law had been a baker for years. She baked two. The both fell out on the counter. We are not having fun. I am still eating mine out of a bowl. Too good to throw away.
Songbird - Yeah cooling it upside down is an important factor! I know it's on the package directions but I should have added it here. I don't know if I'm able to edit it. I'll send cc an email to ask. I've never had one fall out of the pan though Yorkie! You must be really greasing it up good. No cakes sticking to your pans! LOL
I was told at my weight watchers meeting to use the one-step angel food cake mix only. That one always worked very well. That is the mix where you add only water. Instead of the water you add only the can of crushed pineapple. Bev57
I have no idea what is going on with our attempts at the Angel food cakes lately. I think the composition of the box mix may have changed but then we have tried all of them. My mom has baked those cakes all of my life with no problem and my sister in law does am amazing number of cakes including the Angel food. We have all been shocked in the last year to have the bulk of them drop out of the pan. At times we have over baked almost to the burn stage. The only one I have had do the right thing was from scratch. Have you tried it with the pineapple?
sounds great and cant wait to try it!! on a seperate note.. Save a Lot, if you have one in your area, still sells the two seperate package angel food mixes. I have never had it fail or fall on me. I dont like the one package mix, they just dont do well for me.
I would love to try this cake, it sounds delicious but I am not sure if we can buy Angel food cake mix in the UK, do you have a recipe that the pineapple can be incorporated with?
My dear husband made this cake for me for my birthday. My usual request for 'MY' personal birthday cake is a pineapple upside down cake. This Pineapple Angel food Cake reminded me a lot of an upside down cake. I would have loved to stirred in some cherries! I think next time, we will use the pineapple with natural juices. It was a delicious, moist, soft cake. It was great as a dessert, but I just could not see decorating with butter cream. IT would be too soft.
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