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Peppermint Bark

This is always requested at christmas time. Pep.bark is sold at crackerbarrel for a pretty penny! Very simple and delish!


  • Regular size candy canes (I've tried all the other) Vanilla Almond Bark


Unwrap all of the candy canes and place in a freezer ziplock bag(they're thicker). Take a large metal spoon and hit them until in small pieces. You don't want them to powder. Melt the almond bark and gently stir in desired amount of peppermint, not a lot is needed. Spread out on wax paper and sprinkle with the finer pieces of peppermint. Let harden and break in pieces. Enjoy!

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I love this recipe! They turn out so pretty and yet are so easy to make! At Christmas I sometimes use red & green candy canes.
Cake Central › Recipes › Peppermint Bark