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Peanut Butter Dream Buttercream

Trust Me, this is really good! I made it with chocolate cupcakes plus a creamy peanut butter surprise inside. You can use it for frosting or filling.


  • 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup creamy peanut butter 3 cup poweder sugar 2 tsp vanilla extract 3 tbsp heavy cream (must)


Cream butter & peanut butter, add powder sugar, mix until combined & scrape the bowl, mix on high speed for a minute, then add the extract, mix, add heavy cream and mix on high speed for 3 min. done :)

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Is this thick/strong enough to make a border around a cake with a star tip? Thanks!
I have used this recipe for many cakes. My husband and his friends love it! They say it tastes pretty close to a recipe that one of their grandmothers used.
I never used it for a border yet, but it stays well for a 3 tiered stack cake for sure..
I used this to fill my friend's devil's food cake for her birthday. She loved it and said it was a Reeses. I accidentally messed up because I halved the recipe but forgot to half the liquids...I just added more powdered sugar and PB. It was yum and I had some left over to decorate cupcakes!
This is a big hit recipe, Most requested
Can you tell me if this crusts?
This may be the best frosting I have ever made/tasted. Calling it "Dream" buttercream couldn't be more accurate. Thank you for the recipe!
would you use sweetened peanut butter, or would this would with unsweetened PB? Thanx!
This was soooo good! Tastes just like the center of a receese! Does it have to be fridged because of the cream or will it be ok at room temp?
OMG! This was a big hit! I used it for my nephews graduation cake, I made a chocolate cake with this as the filling and buttercream frosting! Thank you!!
This icing is incredibly deliscious! The texture and taste is perfect! I think it's even better than the recipe from Ina Garten.
Ricooooo, yummyyy, well I think this recipe sounds delicious, specially if combined with chocolate or marmelade....mmmmm, I will try it.
This was the best icing I have ever had. My family now requests this for all their cakes. I changed the heavy cream to skim milk and it was great.
Just made this recipe and I think it's my new pb buttercream recipe! So creamy! A dream! Thank you!
I made this for the first time tonight and it is AWESOME!!!
I've tried a few other Peanut Butter Buttercream recipes, none of them nearly as good as this one. I think this might be the best frosting I've ever made. The texture is light and airy, a strong peanut butter flavor, sweet but not sicky....perfect yum-mo! I have a feeling after tomorrow, when the cupcakes will be eaten, I will be asked to make this again for sure. Also it piped onto my cupcakes beautifully!
This is really yummy! It makes about 4 cups.
I just tried this recipe, it was so good.
This is SOOOOO good! I had to keep myself from licking the bowl. It's light tasting, creamy, and thick. Definitely going into my favorites!
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