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Peacock Tail Cake Tutorial

A tail that stand out from the cake

List of Materials

  • fondant tylo powder or flowerpaste. Tulip, leaf, rose or oval cutter for tailfeather. Flower wier or flower stamen for "crown"

mix tylopowder and fondant . Roll a thin plate and cut it en a big drop shape. Use a big bowl og vase to dry it in, so it get at slightly curved shape. Dry at least 4 days.

  I´m not very good to modeling stuf, but the peacock isent very hard to do, You make A long 3D drop , and press the neck up and the tail down. And the head you press between you fingers in a cone shape at make details with a modeling tool. Its havde to dry for at least 4 days   Place the thin "plate" on the assembled cake and adjust the size, by cutting from the bottom, so its rest on the "ground". Begin to glue the feathers on, starting from the bottom I just use water and patience :D

I place the bird with a clump of fondant, so the rump is on the edge of the cake. Then i place the last of the feathers.

Comments (32)

beautiful! thanks for sharing this with us.
This is so neat! Thank you for sharing!
thanks for sharing
Beautiful cake...thank you for sharing your instructions
absolutely amazing !!
Very nice, thanks for sharing... I am always slow so I am curious how long did it take you to glue it all?
This is so very lovely, you did a marvellous job and thank you for sharing your skill.
amazing really loved this cake
Wow this is awesome!!!
I made one row , and gave it a chance to dry for 5 min or so , maybe half an hour Engelsk Dansk Tysk maybe half an hour
Thank you for sharing, this is lovely.
Thank you for sharing :)
Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try this....
What a unique cake. If someone had described all of these elements to me I'd have said, "no way will that look's just too over-the-top," but what you did with it is truly lovely! It's absolutely a wedding cake all about love, happiness & sweetness. Thanks for sharing this!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. For sharing all the instructions and tips. God Bless you.
I noticed you started with a green cake and multi-colored feathers. Do you have a pic of that finished cake? It looks great in all white, too. Very elegant.
Simply Gorgeous !!!
TANK you I am quite touched SpaceCakes in my galleri , page 4 and 5 . It was a sudden impulse to make the Tutorial and i forgot to use the picture of the cutters i use for the tail Maby you can copy this link to see them?
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