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Orange Dreamsicle (WASC Method)

After some trial and error this recipe was born. I love doing a WASC treatment to all my mixes for nice full layers. Some similar recipes call for orange soda or orange jello, but I found orange juice to have the best results. I recommend filling the layers with dream whip for real dreamsicle flavor.


  • 1 Orange Cake Mix 1 C Flour 1 C Sugar 1 C Sour Cream 1-1/4 C Orange Juice 4 Eggs 2 tsp Vanilla 1 tsp Butter Flavoring 1 tsp Orange Flavoring


Combine dry ingredients, mix liquid ingredients, then add dry ingredients by thirds. Bake at 325 for moist cake.

Comments (54)

Dumb question- Is the flour self-rising or plain? Thanks.
I have a cannister of good ol' all purpose flour on my counter and that's what I use.
i just had someone ask me for a cake flavored like a orange dreamsicle i was about to make my own trial and error version but then i saw this, thank you! why do you prefer orange juice to orange soda or orange jello?
Where would I find an orange cake mix? I've never seen one before and I very much want to try this recipe!
greenapron - The orange soda and orange jello seemed to give it a chemical-ish flavor. circus - Orange cake mixes are hard to find, I found it at two smaller grocery chains recently.
Would love to try this but all the stores within my area have never carried orange cake. Bummer.
On the East Coast, Duncan Hines has a delicious Orange Cake.
Made one of these today in the bakery. Delish!
Publix carries them.
i was just talking about this cake yesterday,i live in ga and i dont think they sell orange cake mix.what about using manderine oranges 2
you can find the orange cake mix at Meijer, Super K-Mart. Go to Duncan Hines website and search by your zip code and you'll find it. By the way.... what does WASC method mean?
i live in the carolinas i found the duncan hines orange supreme at food lion today gettin ready to try this today cant wait
What type of frosting do you use for your orange dreamsicle cake? I have been wanting to make one but am not sure that a traditional buttercream would be good on an orange cake?
i was wondering the same thing mom of 4....what kind of frosting would go good on this cake?
can't wait to try this. I don't usually use a mix but just happen to have a couple of orange in my cabinet.
thanks for all the info on finding orange cake mixes everyone!
mdmunster... where on the duncan hines website can you search by zip code for the cake mix?
PS mdmunster... WASC means white almond sour cream... there are recipes for it in the recipe section
Mom_of_4 and Sandrajeanjellybean I've been making dreamsicle cake with Dream Whip filling and vanilla buttercream. I haven't been brave enough to try orange butter cream, a dreamsicle is orange and vanilla ice cream so I think the vanilla icing is appropriate. Cream cheese icing could be a good flavor combination too.
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