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NY Yankees Hat & Jersey

Thanks for for liking my NY Yankees hat and Jersey cake! I had fun making that cake. A lot of people don't believe me but I basically flew by the seat of my pants on it. I have included directions for it as well as my butter cream recipe.


  • Butter cream recipe? I use the one a Wilton instructor gave me a few years back. 13 oz of Crisco shortening (yep I weigh it and only use Crisco) 1 teaspoon of clear vanilla flavor 1 teaspoon of butter flavor 1/2 teaspoon almond flavor I put this in my mixer together until creamy. Then I start adding 2 pounds of powdered sugar (I usually wisk mine to get any clumps out) a serving spoon at a time and let it mix in fairly well until I start adding water. Water- I measure out a half cup and add it periodically as I'm adding the powdered sugar. I just let the whole thing mix up really good. This recipe covers a 3 layer 8" square with some to spare. I also used this recipe and them add even more powdered sugar to make a stiffened buttercream to make my wells for filling the cake.


Jersey: I found a photo of a jersey on and drew a template freehand from the photo. I think I made a template once as a jpg file for someone. I will have to check. If I find it I will post it. The template was 3 pieces. The front panel, neck piece and sleeve. I then flipped the front panels and sleeves to make the opposite side. I cut them out of fondant and put them them together on a stiff plastic cake board and then laid it out on the cake I actually cut thin thin thin pieces of fondant to make stripes on the jersey. Hindsight, I would have put the stripes on after I laid the Jersey on the "grass" which I piped on last. Hat: The hat is half of a sports ball pan. I then covered it in icing and fondant. I then took a 6" cardboard cake round and cut and formed it to look like a baseball hat brim leaving two tabs on the inside part of the brim so I could push it into the cake You might want to use some candy melts to make sure it stays. The logo on the jersey and hat I cut freehand with an xacto Of course I used a pattern maker to do the stitching and did finishing touches to make it look really hat and shirt like. I hope this helps and send me a photo of how you did. If you have any more questions. IM or message me. Last but not least I used the Wilton grass tip #233. It was the last thing I did on this cake. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much!
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