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Nutella Truffle Filling

My family are Nutella addicted so when I was making my sister's birthday cake I decided to experiment. This filling is by far the most perfect filling/ icing for any Nutella lover!! Enjoy!! Let me know how much you love it!!!


  • Nutella (small container) 2 packages of cream cheese (room temp) 2 tbs hershey extra dark cocoa powder 1 cup chopped toasted hazelnuts


Bring 2 packages of cream cheese to room temperature.Mix on high in a stand mixer until smooth and fluffy. Scrape sides and add a small container of Nutella to cream cheese mixture. Add 2 tbs. of extra dark hersheys cocoa powder. mix until fluffy. Add toasted hazelnuts to mixure by folding it in with a spatula.

Comments (19)

sounds yummy, what kind of cake would you put with it?
I would say pair it with a chocolate cake. I've also done nutella with butter cake and banana cake too...
I bought all the stuff to make this filling, it sounds so good! I'm going to just use a white cake and a chocolate buttercream. Will let you know how it turns out!
This sounds amazing... I was looking for something different for a filling flavor for a wedding cake, the bride wants different flavours in each tier... will be trying it out on my kids next week and if they like it, its a winner!!
I will definitely be trying this one!! I love nutella!
Oh why didn't you post this a few week ago!! LOL I searched forever for a Nutella filling for my son's graduation cake. I found one with whipping was good but didn't have the texture I was looking for. This sounds perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!
How much does this make, have to to a full sheet cake for my nephews graduation and he LOVES Nutella
How big is a small container of Nutella? I can't wait to make and eat!
Can this be left out of the fridge? I plan on making it today (thursday) and the cake is for sunday.
Karukaru - I personally would have no problem eating a cream cheese-based filling left out overnight, but 3 nights is pushing it... Hope your cake turned out okay! I want to use this filling for a wedding cake that could potentially be sitting out overnight, but most sources out there say this is NOT OKAY lol. So I guess I will either have to modify the recipe or find a way to keep the layers refrigerated until the event...
I have left cream cheese based frostings out of the fridge for 3 days with absolutey no problem. (Of course my kitchen was cool as I had the AC on.)
My brother in law and I are both Nutella junkies! I can't wait to put this filling in his birthday cake to surprise him! Thanks so much!
sorry about the lack of response!!! Two little ones have left me busy!! I am very curious about how everyone liked my recipe?
Hi! Can you tell me, what do you mean by 2 packages of cream cheese? How much should I take? Sorry, but I'm from Poland so I just wanna be sure :)
DominikaD - 1 package of Cream Cheese here in the States is 8oz So for the recipe 2 packages would be 16 oz .... hope this helps!
perfect taste , perfect texture and such a easy filling ..yum, yum, yum, yum.
Can this filling be paired with an apple spice cake? Just trying to make something for fall with chocolate added.
Really liked it, however I think next time I will use less cream cheese. I like more of the nutella flavor (personal opinion) but I think overall it will be a sure hit!
This sounds yummy, about to give it a try right now. Was just wondering if its ok to refrigerate leftovers since the jar of Nutella says to not refrigerate. TIA
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