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Molding Candy Clay by cabecakes

This is a recipe from Wilton for creating candy clay. Great recipe for figurines and flowers.


  • 14 oz. package of Candy Melts
    1/3 cup light corn syrup


  1. Melt Candy Melts following package directions. Add corn syrup and stir to blend. Turn out mixture onto waxed paper and let set at room temperature to dry. Wrap well and store at room temperature until needed. Candy Clay handles best if hardened overnight. To Tint: Candy Clay may be tinted using Wilton Candy or Icing Colors. Knead in color until well blended. To Use: Candy Clay will be very hard at the start; knead a small portion at a time until workable. If Candy Clay gets too soft, set aside at room temperature or refrigerate briefly. When rolling out Candy Clay, sprinkle work surface with cornstarch to prevent sticking; roll to approximately 1/8 inch thickness. To store: Prepared Candy Clay will last for several weeks at room temperature in a sealed container.

Comments (10)

I think this would be a good alternative to gum paste.maybe?
I am new to this and have wondered where to get some of the stuff the professionals use and i am finding alot of recipes. thanks.
could you use this recipe to make 3 d pumpkins and tombstones that stand up does it harden like gumpaste?
What is candy melts? I assume it is white chocolate pieces?
First time commenting, but had to. Loved this recipe! Easy to work with and came out beautifully for cut out decorations. Huge thanks Cabecakes!
I'm new to trying my hand at more professional baking, and in Australia we don't have corn syrup so would this work with the sugar, water and cream of tartar recipe? As far as I can tell this is a "light" corn syrup (glucose) recipe. Or would I just be better off using glucose syrup instead? Any help would be appreciated as I have a cake due over the weekend. TIA.
yes what ia a candymelt please
Can I use the chocolate I use to make lollipops to make this candy clay?
Candy melts are the bags of chocolate by Wilton®.
I do not use wax paper. If you get the chocolate to hot it will melt the wax on the paper. I also use a double boiler to make mine. If the clay sits to long and gets to hard to work with you can put it in a microwave safe bowl and remelt it. You have to watch it closely though. Then I rewrap it in plastic wrap and let it set overnight. 
Cake Central › Recipes › Molding Candy Clay by cabecakes