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modeling chocolate - dark

This has been a recipe that i have been trying to get for "consistency" over the last couple of days and i think i finally found the correct ingredients. I hope you enjoy it as i wish i could have found a more "detailed" ingredients list.


  • 4 ounces of WILBUR chocolate chips ( i think nestle would work fine as well) 1.5 ounces of Karo Lite corn syrup


Place chips in glass bowl or similar and nuke in microwave in 20 second bursts until melted completely. Then place corn syrup and stir with spoon until it all comes together. Place in sealed plastic bag and flatten. Refrigerate for about 1 hour and then take out and place in room temperature. Should be able to use in about 4 - 6 hours or leave overnight for a more stable product.

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Are those semi-sweet chips?
Since I got my digital scale, I've found that by weighing my ingredients instead of measuring them, everything comes out better. I have to try this recipe. Thanks!
were can I purchase this chocolate?
I have used fondant both MMF and store bought. I was wondering what is stronger when making a sculpture (person) store bought fondant or modeling chocolate. Which is least expensive? Homemade modeling chocolate or store bought fondant. Thanks
I use whatever brand of semi-sweet chocolate chips I have in the house. For a full-recipe, my measurement is 10 oz. of chocolate to 1/3 cup of light corn syrup. I have cut that in half (5 oz. + 8 tsp.) and had plenty for my project. I froze the leftover and have cut pieces off since to use on other cakes. Just partially defrost until you can cut it.
Hi I just made this recipe. Does anyone know if this could be used to make a branch? thanks
How can I make the preganant bellie cake?
what about white chocolate??? can you add some color? if so, what kind it will be better? powder or gel?
This recipe was very successful! I have never used modeling chocolate before, so I don't know if it was supposed to be so greasy as you worked it, but it molded much more easily than I thought, and about ten or fifteen minutes in the fridge hardened it up great! Thanks!
Is this suppose to be so greasy? Should I take a paper towel to get rid of the grease Plssss help
which tastes better: white modeling chocolate or dark modeling chocolate... also, can you color white modeling chocolate? with food coloring or what?
HI! Okay so I made the modeling chocolate and I am attempting to sculpt a character...however I am having a problem with it constantly melting! Is there a trick to preventing it from melting! I have to drive the cake and hour away and im scared the chocolate figures will melt on the way! Please help me! please someone email me the answer as my computer isnt working and i can only check my emial on my phone
I find Dark chocolate tastes better than the white chocolate (which isn't actually chocolate at all) The more you work the "clay" the more the oils will come out which is what makes it seem so greasy. Just wipe it off, as it won't show once it dries. But keep it in a cool place as a humid fridge will cause the chocolate to "sweat"
I need to make pussy willow for a wedding cake. Will this work? I am also making MMF sunflowers to go with them and the leaves. I can't decide whether to make them out of the chocolate or the fondant. Which do you think would be best?
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