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Marshmallow Fondant - MacsMom's BC flavored variation

My whole plan of action was to make an excellent tasting, great functioning MMF. After raves about Fondarific's buttercream flavored fondant I had to come up with my own. Mine is really based on Rhonda's Ultimate MMF, as I loved working with her recipe, but with a few subtle changes.

Marshmallow Fondant - MacsMom's BC flavored variation


  • 16 oz mini-marshmallows (NOT Jet Puffed) 2 tablespoons water 1 tablespoon glycerine 2 drams of LoRann butter flavor *(it is the strongest and tastiest flavoring, but you may use 2 teaspoons of another butter extract, adding an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract) 1 teaspoon popcorn salt (I grind my own salt in a coffee grinder - if you don't, you may get crystallization that leaves your fondant covered cake pock-marked) Food coloring if using 2 lbs powdered sugar


  1. Grease a large microwave-safe bowl with either shortening or non-stick spray. Pour in the marshmallows and sprinkle with water. Melt about 1 minute (don't go over 90 seconds or it will get make the MMF tough).
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients except the powdered sugar, including food coloring if desired, and stir with a greased sturdy spatula (again, you can use non-stick spray) .
  3. Add a small amount of PS at first to absorb moisture and avoid clumping - about 1/2 c. Then you can add larger amounts, trying to get as much mixed in as possible with each addition. When I have half of the bag of PS left, I dump it in and knead with my greased hands.
  4. MMF can be temperamental so it's good to get to know it at this point--what it should feel like before wrapping it in plastic wrap. If it is too soft it will be hard to work with; too hard isn't nearly as bad but you still want to find that happy medium.
  5. When it is humid, rainy or foggy, or hot outside, MMF sometimes requires more PS than a 2 lb bag. That is the main reason I try to knead in every bit of PS I can between additions. Perfect weather sometimes calls for less PS.
  6. It's hard to explain the proper texture, that's why you have to have a bit of patience with trial and error. It should be firm enough not to droop when you hold the ball on your palm, yet remain pliable.
  7. So once your MMF is ready to be wrapped, rub the ball with a small amount of shortening and wrap in plastic wrap to rest for several hours.
  8. When it's time for use you'll have to soften it in the microwave for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. But be forwarned that smaller amount of MMF (leftovers) need a much shorter amount of time in the micro to soften. Be careful not to get it too soft or it will be miserable to work with.
  9. If it gets too soft you can add cornstarch to it. If that doesn't help enough you can knead in a little gumpaste or tylose powder to give it strength - but too much GP will make your MMF too hard so be slight of hand and try more cornstarch.
  10. If it happens to be too hard from too much PS, soften it in the micro and knead in more glycerine.
  11. I usually make a double batch in a huge Tupperware bowl - this stuff lasts forever in the freezer! (greased well and wrapped very well).

Comments (43)

Do you have a chocolate version? I love your reciper it turned out the very first time I made it! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!
Wow! I have tried other MMF recipes and given up on them all together. I have been using MFF but it's so time consuming. This recipe is the best tasting and easiest fondant I have tried! I only used 1 tsp butter flavoring and 1 tsp vanilla and it was perfect. Thank you so much for posting this. It will be the recipe I use from now on.
Easy to make, tastes great and is very user friendly - fantastic recipe!
Just wondering why you can't use jet puffed marshmallows?
You can use Jet Puffed, but the MMF comes out more rubbery in texture. You can tell it will be weird as you stir the melted Jet Puffed's - they ball up into a big glob before they are stir-able.
I experimented by making half batches with both jet puffed and regular, large marshmallows and small and I have to admit the store brand small ones are the easiest texture to work with. (Though all of them with the right care worked just fine!)
just wondering if anyone knows whether i can sub the glycerine for anything? glucose maybe? i cant find glycerine anywhere.. if anyone knows where i can find it in aus. otherwise let me know! thanks!
Do you really need to add popcorn salt?
Thank you so much for sharing this recipe is my favorite mmf recipe love it
You can sub corn syrup for glycerine wonderfully. And no, you don't need the popcorn salt. I added that because my cousin said she thought it was too sweet. (But that was before I started using butter flavoring).
Can someone tell me what 2 "drams" of glycerine is? Is that a typo?
You can find food grade glycerine at the pharmacy. It's cheaper than what you find at Michael's, etc.
I don't see 2 drams glycerine? It's 2 drams LoRann butter flavor... I have not found food grade glycerine at the pharmacy, but corn syrup can substituted for cost savings. You can purchase larger bottles of glycerine online inexpensively.
yay!!!!! i tracked down some glycerine and i love love love this! i couldnt find any butter essence so i subbed out for lemon juice and vanilla.. still tasted good,.. but the consistency is fantastic! that glycerine sure makes the difference! thanks!
I use this recipe all of the time! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I leave out the popcorn salt and use a butter and vanilla combo.....YUM!
Is it better to roll out MMF with cornstarch or PS?
Thank you for posting this recipe...I will be trying it soon as I use a standard MMF recipe which I do like, however this one sounds really good. Can you please tell me what a dram is??? What is the measurment?
I have another the PS sifted? I am actually going to do it tonight. Your pictures are awesome. Do you use this recipe for all of your cakes??
Macsmom, thanks for posting this recipe. Do you use this recipe for your cakes, too? Can't wait to try this! Thanks again!
1 fluid dram equals 3/4 teaspoon
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