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Lamb Decorated Cookies

These lambs cookies are easy to make with the right tools and a few pointers. Hope you have fun making them!

List of Materials

  • NFSC - No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Antonia74's Royal Icing Recipe
  • 3 Piping Bags & 3 Couplers
  • Piping Tips #1, #2, #14
  • Lamb Cookie Cutter
  • White & Black Food Gel Coloring
  • Decorative Ribbon (optional)
Youll need white icing in 2 different consistencies for this cookie. For the face and legs, flood icing, which is about the consistency of yoghurt, and for the lambs wool, a thicker icing. When you dip a spoon into the icing and pull upwards, a stiff peak will form and stay standing straight up. Another way you can tell if its thick enough, is that youll be able to see ribbons form when the icing is being mixed. Color your white icing, white. It may seem silly, but makes a difference. You can use any kind of star piping tip to create the lambs wool, I used Wilton's #14.
You'll need to pipe 'shells' for the lamb's wool. Here's a close-up of the basic technique.
Using the flood icing and a #2 tip, pipe the face and legs. Let it set for a few minutes. Using the thicker icing and a #14 star tip, pipe your shells from left to right, generally following the shape of the lamb.
Either with an edible bow or with craft bows of your choice adhere the ribbon to the lamb with a dab of royal icing. (I used gingham Martha Stewart ribbons). Making sure the base is dry, use a #1 tip to pipe two small, black dots for the eye and nose.
Serve, package or present as a pretty Easter display. Enjoy!

Comments (10)

Super cute thanks
You are awesome, these are such a great idea for my grandkids..the directions are so easy to follow, i just have to practice, havent done this since 1970's thanks love your website
Oh, darn ! I was going to cut back this year..... now I HAVE to try this........ THANK YOU !!
:) I love your display of them, very cute!
Directions seem super easy....thanks for sharing! Too cute!
Thank you for your kind comments!
Love these cookies and wanted to make some at Christmas....unfortunately this particular cookie cutter is discontinued and I didn't cake for any of the other cookie cutters that are available...sigh...
Cake Central › Tutorials › Lamb Decorated Cookies