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Jam Filling

This is a recipe I came up with by mixing several recipes for a filling that does not have to be refrigerated. You can use any flavor of jam.


  • 2/3 cup softened butter 1/2 cups 10x sugar 3 tbl. jam (Smuckers seedless Red Raspberry is my favorite) 1/2 tsp vanilla

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The recipe didn't upload correctly. It's actually 1 1/2 cups of 10x sugar. Instructions: Cream butter. Then add 10x sugar 1/2 a cup at a time till well mixed. Then add the jam and vanilla.
What is 10x sugar mean?
10x sugar is powdered sugar or icing sugar
10x specifically means that the powdered sugar has been sifted 10 times.
SO...the recipe should read... 2/3cup softened butter 1 1/2 cups icing sugar 3Tbsp jam 1/2tsp vanilla essence For what reason does the sugar have to be sifted 10 times???
You can just use powdered sugar.
10X sugar is pre-sifted 10 times before it's bagged for purchase.
How many cups does this make?
I sorry I have not measured it. But it is enough filling for an 8" round cake with some left. I will measure it next time I make it.
I used this recipe for my first 3 tiered cake and it was a hit! Everyone complimented me on the cake and especially the filling!! I used seedless blackberry jam with chocolate cake. It was to DIE for! I made a double batch of this and it was enough to do a 3 tier with 10" 8" & 6" rounds.
I'm glad you liked it :)
You know, if you add just a tad more powdered sugar it makes a great icing for cupcakes too!
I will try that! Thanks for the good idea!
What do you do with the ingredients? Just mix them all together? In a blender?
It really doesn't need to be refrigerated? Even with the butter in it? Just curious.
You cream the butter, then add sugar 1/2 a cup at a time till well mixed. Then add the jam and vanilla. Sorry I wrote the instructions when I posted it but for some reason they did not show up.
If I have the filling on a cake I do not refrigerate it and it's always fine.
It doesn't need to be refrigerated brcause the sugar preserves the butter...just like buttercream icing. ;)
does the butter need to be salted or unsalted?
I always use salted butter for icing. I've never tried unsalted, I think it would be too sweet if you didn't use it.
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