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Italian Chantilly Cake

ddaigle (Debbie)

About This Recipe:

This is my version of the Berry Chantilly Cake found at Whole Foods.   I believe they use a yellow cake, but I used white because I have another berry-type cake that I use a yellow cake with and I didn't want them to be too similar.  You can use a yellow cake if you prefer.





ITALIAN CHANTILLY CAKE.doc 410k .doc file







Comments (8)

It looks scrumptious. Will have to try this just to see what Marscapone taste like.
MB...Marscapone is amazing. I can get a spoon and eat it right out of the tub.
Hey ddaigle, How many ounces are each tub of the below cheese?
2 – tubs Marscapone cheese (room temp)
Marscapone is only sold in one size here in our stores. I think they may be 8oz tubs but not sure.
I'm trying this recipe for the first time tonight. all seems to be going good up to now. I'm concerned with the amount of liquid (marinade) in the fruit. The instructions don't say to drain off but I'm assuming that is what should be done so will. I'm just now asking for clarification on this. Should the cake be coated with something to prevent the juices from being absorbed into the cake?
I know it's a little late now to ask but should there be a next time...I hope all goes well tomorrow when we cut into this cake for mom's 75th!
Shoot...Nani...I did not know you asked a question.    I hope it all went well...yes you should've drained the fruit.  For others...after putting down a layer of the Chantilly Icing..I also make a dam with it.  I don't put the fruit all the way to the dam.  I crumb coated with the Chantilly icing also. 
hmmm...i tried this cream its so yummy! my husband and son likes it a lot. thanks
What do you mean by Better Cream?? thanks :)
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