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Ice Cream Cake Icing

I needed to make an ice cream cake and wasn't sure what to do about frosting the outside. I also wanted something with some flavour I don't like how the store bought ICC frosting doesn't taste like this is what I came up with and it worked and tasted great!

Ice Cream Cake Icing


  • 1 med size container Cool Whip 1 litre vanilla ice cream (for the americans I'm pretty sure that half a gallon) I pkg powdered dream whip.


  1. let the ice cream soften slightly.
  2. Beat ice cream, and cool whip together thoroughly. Add dream whip. beat again.
  3. Use quickly. If it's a bit too liquidy through bak in the freezer for a bit. It spreads beautifully!

Comments (3)

what's dream whip?
you can also use heavy cream whip it up and add some confectioners sugar to sweeten it
does it have to stay in the freezer
Cake Central › Recipes › Ice Cream Cake Icing