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How to Stencil on a Fondant Covered Cake Video

  [youtube id="VTzRuMym7rE" width="600" height="350"] In this "how to" guide, you will learn how to stencil royal icing directly onto a cake covered in buttercream. You will see how quickly and easily you can make the most intricate and amazing designs directly on your cake. Items you will need for this tutorial:

How to Stencil The Top of The Cake

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How to Stencil The Sides of The Cake

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Comments (42)

this was a great video. I love the way they show me step how to do it. thanks it was great
Looks stunning! You make it look so easy, would love to try it, but too nervous that I will smudge the print when removing the stencil...
absolutely fab!thanx by d way.
Wow, that looks REALLY easy. But I dare say that it is that easy with a lot of practice. Thanks for the fantastic tips on how to do it. I have to give it a shot soon!
Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try it.
Amazing...Thanks so much for sharing!
OMG...........THANKS A MILLION.....
can someone help... for some reason I'm not being able to find the link or video file in this article. If anyone has it or can tell where it's at I'd appreciate it!! My email is thanks!
absoulotley fantasti.
omg even I feel I can do it now !! thanks a million fantastic
thanks now I wanna try
Thats awsome!! Thanks a bunch!
What is the tool you used for the side of the cake?
I can't see the article either. Can someone help please?
great video, does anyone have the royal icing recipe? Also, this does dry on the cake right?
amazing techniques!!! thanks
does anyone know the type of stencil used on the cake in that picture? I love that design!!
thank you for sharing! I am going to try this!
Thank-you, Thank-you! This video was great!
Cake Central › Tutorials › How to Stencil on a Fondant Covered Cake Video