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How to Make Gelatin Flowers and Bows

You can make delicate and slightly transparent flowers, bows and butterflies using this technique.
Basically, you mix 2 1/2 parts water and 1 part gelatin (unflavored - like Knox... NOT Jello!  ) Warm in microwave, then let sit 5-10 minutes to allow the scum to raise to the top. Peel the scum off (photo above) then gelatin is ready to use (you'll need to rewarm to liquify at this point.)
Brush onto veining or texture sheet and let it sit for 3-5 hours... gelatin will release itself when it's completely dry. Click here for veiners, and impression mats at Once dry, remove the gelatin from your veiner or texture sheet (impression mat or veiner) You can cut  the gelatin with regular scissors, scrapbooking scissors, etc... For the bows, cut into strips, then use a small drop of gelatin to attach together. Add a paperclip to hold together 10-15 minutes until set, then they're done. To form the bow, place a quarter size bit of warm gelatin mix on a plate or pc of plastic... add the bows as you would assemble a gumpaste or fondant loop bow. Let the first layer set up, then add more warm gelatin in the center and add remaining bow loops.

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For more ideas and the complete posting on this see this thread:
Also - the link for the impression mats is a link to Global Sugar Art, and they are not the right impression mats you need to use. PM me if you would like to know the places to get them. (I do LOVE GSA - it just the link is not the correct supplies!)
Thanks for this tutorial, I can't wait to try it. Do you warm the strips to make the bow loops? I am just not too clear on that part. When do you color the gelatin? Sorry I am asking so many questions!
No, you don't warm the strips - you just cut them like they are paper - you do use warm liquid gelatin to "glue" them together though. You can color it several ways, if you want it all one color, just add color to the warm gelatin. If you want to "paint" them, you can use edible markers, or airbrush colors and a fine paintbrush. (airbrush colors work better than regular gel colors) If you read through the posts in the link I posted above, there are a lot of ideas and hints. (a sitcky would have been much more productive for this!)
this looks great! can you let me know where to find the impression mat?
Also can you tell him how you made the designs on the gelatin?
Had a ball making the flowers for my Aloha Hawaiian cake. I am anxious to try all other things in the book.
This is beautiful, but how do you make the butterflies and flowers. Thanks.
PLEASE SEE THE ABOVE POSTS BY LOUCINDA - this is NOT a complete article on how to do this technique, if you want to know how to do all of the items, you have to click on the link I provided above (and make aure you go back to the first page)! If you want to know the CORRECT place to get the supplies (which is NOT GSA) please PM me and I will give it to you!
Great article. Thank you so much for sharing this technique.
How do you make the flowers and why cant you use sugar free jello?
Wow, I gotta try this!!!! Thank you!!!!
Yeah, I'm with Katherine, how do you make flowers?
FLOWERS USING THIS TECHNIQUE - you have to have the gelatin impression mats - and if you go to the link I posted above, there are a ton of posts about the different things you can do with the gelatin! (and you can use sugar free jello, not sure where you read that. You CANNOT use regular jello, it is too sticky. If you take the time to read the posts from the link, it explains a lot! If you have any specific questions, you can pm me or post to that link and someone will help you - not many people check this article on a regular basis.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
must try it out. sounds easy.
Can the gelatin flowers be attached to fondant or modeling chocolate? I have an idea running through my head, but I doubt it would work.
How would you store these and how long will they last. Seems like gelating would disintigrate pretty quickly.
This looks wonderful. Cant wait to read the link to learn how to do the flowers. Thanks for sharing.
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