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How To Make Fondant Swags

The stp-by-step article will show you how to create fondant swags on your cake. This is most popular with wedding cakes and anniversary cake.

Items required:
Step 1
Mix together equal amounts of fondant and gumpaste and let stand for 1 hour.

Step 1
Make equal markings on cake covered with fondant. To get the best results, use a garland marker.

Step 1
Roll out small amount of fondant-gumpaste using very little powdered sugar and cut into a rectangle.

Step 1
Place rectangle against the cake in between two markings to measure the width of the rectangle. The width should be equal to the distance between the two markings.

Step 1
Slide 1st skewer under the fondant and gently slide fingers over the fondant.

Step 1
Slide 2nd skewer a little away from the 1st skewer and slide fingers over the two skewers

Step 1
Slide 3rd skewer a little away from the 2nd skewer and slide fingers over all the skewers

Step 1
After placing all skewers under the fondant let stand for one minute

Step 1
Gently bring the skewers closer together

Step 1
Slide out the skewers slowly

Step 1
Bring drapes closer and squeeze ends

Step 1
Place swag against the cake in between two markings to measure. If slightly bigger then cut out a small piece at one end and squeeze end again

Step 1
Turn the swag, and on the reverse apply very little water on the top edge of the Swag and on the squeezed ends.

Step 1
Attach swag ends at the markings on the cake

Step 1
Ease out the swag between the markings

Your swag should now look something like this

Step 1
Repeat Steps 1 - 16 all around the rest of your cake.

Using royal icing or buttercream, decorate top end of swags with beads, shell, star or zigzag technique, or whatever you wish to. Doesnt it look lovely???

Another cake decorated with swags. I used 4 skewers in this case

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thank you so much for sharing this very pretty for any cake and you make it look simple
Thank you for this!
very pretty, thanks a lot for sharing.
very useful, and even clear to understand for non English speaking people like me! thank you for sharing!
As someone who is very new to decorating cakes (2 months in) this is an extremely helpful article. I have been wondering how to create swags having seen the effect in a number of pictures. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.
Thank you I have been searching for ways to make swags for the last month, I have just started making cakes and I have been asked to do a wedding cake for a friend. So easy now I know how ....
Thanks for this. I'm very new to this, how do you get the swag to adhere to the cake?
Thanks so much for sharing
Muchas gracias. muy bueno.
Very helpful,thank you! :)
This looks very pretty. Thanks!
tq......very intresting sharing
do you know if i made the swag a day early, can it be applied to the cake the next day? I will be out of town and a friend is going to finish setting the cake up for me
Thank you so much for the helpful tips.
Thanks for the great tutorial!! Lots of helpful tips :) Beautiful aqua color and your roses are lovely as well!
Thanks a million for the easy and very helpful tutorial :D
thank you so much this is so helpful
this is a great idea I will try it, thx
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Cake Central › Tutorials › How To Make Fondant Swags