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How To Make Chocolate Cigarellos (Nati's Way)

This is the cheater's way of doing choc cigarettes, it's time consuming but it's foolproof, and after many failed attempts at real ones, im going to settle for these :D Items Required

Before starting on this you will need to cut up your acetate. I had really large sheets of acetate for this project so I cut it up in this way. They were all cut even because i wanted to ensure all the cigarettes were the same size, but if you want the uneven different sized ones, then you can cut them without measuring or marking the acetate. NOTE: You can use vinyl instead of acetate for doing this, but the disadvantage of that is that you wont get the shine on the chocolate, that you will get using acetate 1. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler. I do it this way, boil some water in the kettle, put the boling water in a pot, then set my bowl with the chocolate on top. This is enough heat to melt your chocolate, when the water starts to cool down, i keep taking parts of it out (not all) and topping up with more boiling water. For this project I melted one bowl of white chocolate and one of dark.

2. Spread a thin layer of chocolate onto the acetate sheet using a spatula or knife. Ensure that your chocolate is spread only up to the line you drew earlier .

3. Bend the piece of acetate into a roll, tucking in the outer part so that the two edges that have chocolate on them are touching.

4. Stick with a piece of tape. Be careful as this is a tricky part, and if your tape gets any grease from the chocolate on it then it won't stick. This is where it helps to have an assistant. Thanks Fran :)

5. Place the tubes on a plate and put them in the freezer for at least 20 minutes or until you're ready to use them on your cake.

6. Take them out of the freezer, using a sharp knife or hobby knife slit the tape.

7. The acetate will pop open and the cigearette will be ready for you to use .

8. Carefully remove it from the plastic and set aside .

9. To make marbled ones, place a small amount of white chocolate on the plastic, spread it in random patterns with the back of your spoon .

10. Using your knife or spatula spread some dark chocolate over the top, following the same procedure as above ensuring you dont go over the line.

11. Tape up and freeze as before.

These cakes were done using the cigarettes that were done with the measured pieces

And this one was done with pieces cut free hand.

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I love these cakes!
thanks for this tutorial. I have been wanting to try this but it did seem quit detailed. It seem simply enough the way you explain it. I will give it a try
Ooooh I might have a go at making those too. Thanks for your instructions!
WOW!!!! I love this tutorial. I've alway's wanted to learn how to make these. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial and pattern on how you make them. I can't wait to give them a try. Your cakes are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!
I am new to cake decorating and I am in love with it. Thank you so much for the directions. Your instructions and all the others are helping me improve my skills. I love learning new techinques and it's so much fun. Thank you so much!!
I have a question...Is the line you talk about just outlining the squares for cutting equal squares of acetate? Or do I cut the squares larger than the outline and use the outlines as a guide? Not sure if Im making sense.
Never mind! I found the template which explains my question completely. thank you.
If you want to save yourself cutting the tape to unroll the acetate, just fold over the end of the tape about a quarter of an inch before you use it. Put the folded end of the tape on the side of the acetate that is folded on top of the roll. You'll know if you did it the wrong way. Then just carefully peel the tape off. Any tape I use for anything, I always fold the end on the roll.
Forgot--- Great technique Nati!!
I tried this for the first time using your technique - love it!! I made a cake for a crab feed dessert auction. I got many complements. I used candy melts, and they worked just fine. Thanks for the great tutorial.
I am wanting to try this and was curious how many you use to cover your cakes say individually like a 6inch an 8 inch and a 10 inch?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much for sharing this technique with us. I shall try it out on the next celebration cake.
Thank you so much for the tutorial. I think its fabulous and am going to give it a go. Thanks again.
You make it look so easy - can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for posting.
im really excited with all the techniques i have so much to learn thank you so much..
This was great and just what I was looking for, thanks!!
can you keep these in the freezer a long time??? (days/ weeks/ months) Or will they keep well in a container?? :) x
thank you so much for sharing, I will try to do this soon. I've been always wanting to know how to do this cigars.
THANKS so much for this tutorial, I've tried sooo many times to make them by free hand and it always ended in disaster and me being upset! this is perfect way to make it!! Thanks again!!!!!! x
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