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How To Make Cake Balls!!!

Cake Balls
Don't throw out those cake scraps! These little treats, (sometimes referred to as "cake pops", "cake truffles" or "cake bon-bons" are so easy to make and are absolutely delicious! You can make these delightful cake balls using your leftover cake scraps, or even use an entire cake to make them!
Tools Needed: 
  • Decorating gloves
  • Mixing Bowl with lid
  • One cooled cake any size and any flavor (or you can use all those left over scraps)
  • One bottle liquid coffee creamer any flavor complimentary to cake or anything to use as a binder, Butter cream icing, liqueur, etc.
  • Melted Chocolate amount varies with how many balls need to be dipped
  • Parchment Paper lined tray/plate/platter

Step 1
Place cooled cake or scraps into a bowl in large pieces

Step 2
Using a fork, crumble the cake into a nice crumb  When it appears all the cake is crumbled use the fork, or your hands, and run thru it to make sure its all crumbled.

Crumbled cake will be soft and fluffy

Step 3
Pour in liquid coffee creamer judging by eye, until a medium sized puddle forms, set aside for a moment

Step 4
Place chocolate to be melted in a microwave safe bowl, microwave following melting directions.  (Here I used 4 large bars of Ghirardelli brand White baking chocolate but any type of chocolate that will melt can be used)

Step 5
While chocolate is melting, put on decorators/food safe gloves and begin mixing the crumb liquid mixture.  I use gloved hands because its easier to get the feel of the mixture for consistency reasons rather then using a fork or spoon but you can use a fork or spoon if youd prefer. Mix and mash and smoosh until a soft mushy dough forms.

Step 6
Once you get the mixture to the consistency you would like it, roll a small amount into a ball using the palms of your hands, or a cookie scoop, or a melon baler, anything will work for this.  Place platter into the freezer for about 30-90 minutes

Step 7
After removing platter from freezer, take one ball at a time, and roll it around in the melted chocolate with the help of a spoon.  Place dipped balls back onto the parchment paper lined tray for drying. TIP: Store frozen un-dipped cake balls in an air tight container sealed with both lid and plastic wrap. Remove just before dipping to help the chocolate coating set.

Step 8
Finished Cake Balls!!!
Here is the finished product. Half are yellow cake, vanilla caramel liquid coffee creamer, dipped in white chocolate. The other half are chocolate cake, Amaretto liquid coffee creamer, rolled in powdered sugar. Store them in a sealed container in the freezer until just before serving, as they will sweat some.  I serve them cold, but not frozen.

Comments (38)

Love these! They're so easy to make and they're very diverse!
I tried them. i think I put too much creamer. They are in the freezer now. We will see...
This sounds AWESOME. I have to start on a strawberry flavored cake tonight, so will have to try this out.
I have made cake balls using buttercreme frosting and a fruit filling. some of my favorites are chocolate/chocolate cherry: pecan praline with caramel filling hand rolled in white chocolate: strawberry in white chocolate:
What a terrific idea!
Anyone ever put the ball on a Popsicle stick before dipping in the chocolate?also, can u use ganache?
I worked at a bakery where cakeballs were one of the most sought after items...we literally turned orders down. But ours were different in that we crumbled the cake first and then let it dry a bit before compressing the cake into a dough-like consistency. We did not add any liquid. It was mashing and kneading by hand on the counter until the dough was almost fudgy in texture. Then we used a small meatballer (It's like scissors with scoops on the ends) to portion the initial balls. You do not have to freeze them--but you can and keep them for future use. After we portioned the dough we then took each one and hand-rolled the final product...often squeezing the dough again to make sure the surface was smooth and round without cracks. We used Merckens chocolate to dip. You can do 'toppers' like small fondant cut-outs (baby bibs were sought after for showers) or personalize them with the customer's initials. They are extremely rich. I've done them at home using our French Vanilla cake recipe and adding small mini chocolate chips (after the dough is formed, mix in the chips) dipped it in chocolate and it's like chocolate chip cookie-dough (only the cake is baked of course!) You will get rave reviews for sure.
I make a similar treat by using left over white cake scraps, crumbled up, finely crushed oreo cookies, and some left over butter cream...... use a cookie scoop to make golf ball sized portions, chill, then dip into some melted white chocolate!! This things are one of the most popular things I've ever made for some reason!!
I make cake balls for every party or gathering with family and friends. The only difference is I use store bought frosting instead of coffee creamer. I'm making a batch tonight for a christmas party tomorrow, I think I may try the creamer for half of them.
What are they supposed to look like after you combine the creamer or frosting. I think I added too much creamer. Mine are a paste like constancy?
I made these today and was not happy they was soggy inside and taste bad don't know what I did wrong
I've come up with so many variations of cake balls it's INSANE! I just made a raspberry flavored batch the other day. White cake with raspberry buttercream (raspberry preserves mixed into icing) to hold it together dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with red sugar...yum!
When you say cake leftovers, do you mean the frosting aswell?
I am going to try this all of the different recipe comments look delish!!! I know my husband will be a willing try this...=)
I have been desperately searching for something constructive to do with all of those leftover pieces. My boyfriend and I don't eat cake, and it's really hard to present oddshaped falling apart pieces to clients and family! This is excellent! I'm so excited!
we made these with sweetened condensed milk - and they call them dingdongs and twinkies... they are deadly good :D
Check out She has an amazingly creative collection of decorated cake balls and cake pops, and is even working on a book of them. Plus, her website is just a great place for recipes and inspiration!
I made some "Red Velvet Cake balls" last night and I covered them in chocolate. I bit into one to test, and It was soft. Are they suppose to be soft? At that point I was dissappointed but I continued to complete the rest. I have them in the freezer now getting set, but after that first tasted test, I am scared to taste another. I used a whole container of cream cheese frosting, but I think I should have used just 2/3 of it. Please tell me if I was a bit too hasty in test tasting one.
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