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How To Make an Eeyore Cake

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple but effective Eeyore Head cake.It was made using 2×7"sandwich tin cake's. This cake is a great little starter if your just starting out making Novelty cake,with a great end result.

List of Materials

  • 2x7" round cakes
  • Blue/purple,Cream,and Black Fondant
  • 2 x 7 inch round cake pan
  • Buttercream icing (for crumb coating)
  • Filling
  • black food coloring
  • paint brush
  • xacto knife
  • pizza cutter or fondant cutter

Start by carving the 2 cakes into a Bell shape.
Fill your cakes as you wish.I just used Jam & Buttercream.
Now sandwich together and crumb coat,as you would normally . Now roll out the Blue/Purple Fondant and cover the cakes. Get the cream Fondant and roll this out but once you've rolled it cut a curved edge to shape the Nose part.You can use a knife/cutting tool or i prefer a Pizza cutter! Then lay the fondant on top of the face (dry at first) to make sure you get the correct shape before adding a little water underneath to secure it.Rub gently and smooth over.I use my hands only for this part. Now take 2 little piece's of Black Fondant and in your fingers roll 2 tear drop shapes to form the Nostrils.Place them onto his Nose . Now cut 2 circles of Cream for his eyes and roll 2 black sausage's(small)to form his eyebrows.Put them all in place.
Roll and cut 2 Black circles the same size you just did for his eyes,but now you want to cut a little off the top of them to place over the cream to form the eye colour.Add 2 small black rolls just above these to help form that dropey Eeyore eye shape. Use black food coloring and paint brush to paint on "stitch" details to his face
Finally add the whites of the eyes 2 tiny white pieces of Fondant and draw on the stitches with an Edible pen. For the ears roll out your Blue/Purple Fondant and cut into 2 Bell shapes,i then did the same with a lighter shade of purple/lilac and added it for the inner ear.Place them onto the side of the cake and let them fall naturally ,then shape as you wish.

Comments (11)

wow, beautiful! Thank you so much for this tutorial.
I just love Eeyore!!
Thank you for sharing with us. :)
I love this! This is great!!! My husband LOVES Eeyore & your timing is perfect because his birthday is coming up. Thank you! : )
I love this eeyore thanx will sure try this for my customers
Thanks guys :) Hope you enjoy making him.x
I love this cake! Just so happens I needed a cake idea for my sis and she loves eeyore! Thanks so much for sharing! x
This is adorable - great job :)
Thank you!  Just what I was looking for!
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