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How to Make a Rose Cake

[featuredcakes] 1.) I baked two 6 & two 8 round cakes. Tort, fill and crumb coat as usual. *Dont worry about them looking pretty it wont matter.

Optional Step Cover in fondant

2.)To make the center of the rose its all about eyeing it. The center part will be fat this is to ensure that it is able to hold the first couple of petals with out tipping over.

3.)You can either take one long strip and roll it on or several smaller strips about 3-4 inches and put them on. I looked at my model picture as a guide.

*long strip method

* put it on counter clockwise Or you can cut several small strips about 3-4 long and attach separately

Now that you have your center part of the rose its time to start cutting your petals. 4.) Knead and roll out your fondant to a thickness of ¼. I tried to roll it into a circle to make it easier for cutting.

*Its okay to have different shapes and sizes for your petals. It will give it a more realistic look. Heres my center after several petals (like above) were attached.  Top view


5.) Once you have applied enough petals to the top tier it needs to harden up a bit. If you have a fan now is the time to bring it out and place the fan in front of the cake. *After about 15 minutes

6.) Optional Step If you did not cover your cake with fondant and just used butter cream now is the time to add a bit more so the petals can stick. If you used fondant take out your piping gel (glue) to help attach your petals to the sides of the cake. 6.) Cuts strips. The longer the strips the less full the cake will look towards the bottom. Its all about eyeing and seeing what you like from here on out.

Heres what you cake might look like

7.) Once you have applied all of your petals its time to let it dry up a bit. Wait about 30 minutes and slowly take out all of the napkins and your supports. Or if you have time you can let it sit over night. 8.) Optional Step If you used a dark color like I did you will see that it turns a dull color. I went ahead and painted on the red. I used the Americolor red with clear vanilla extract and hand painted each petal.

*See the difference? 9.) You can add your luster dust at this point. I did not add it on this cake because I loved how the red dried.

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this is a fantastic tutorial cant wait to try :)
Excellent, thx for sharing.
This really looks a great idea..... Love all your supports, from kitchen towels..... to drinking cups..... to bowls..............had a good chuckle when I saw it all. Well, I suppose anything goes when you are trying to get something to work!! Would really like to try this out sometime...
do i want it to look full at the bottom or not?
hahaha. I knew those depends would come in handy one day! I love this tutorial by the way.
This is a great tutorial. I will be trying this real soon. Thanks for sharing.
thank you so much for your post ...can't wait to try this cake out
Looks awesome. I'm going to try it but not as high and put some fondant leaves around the base.
I like it better as the 1 tier. Looks too long as 2. I will be trying this one!
@ CakeGirl1972-The 1st cake I did I put real leaves around the bottom. I got them at a local florist. It added that extra "wow" look.
Thanks every one for the nice comments!
I made a rose cake two years ago, for a Bridal show... I made white, and painted the petal edges in gold luster dust.... it was a HUGE HIT!
thanks for the tutorial will sure be giving it a try soon.
its really beautiful, but i would have liked the cake a little shorter rather than it being so tall !
Thanks so much for the tutorial - I just tried it out yesterday and am extremely happy with the results. Lots of compliments from everybody! Thanks for taking the time to give me the inspiration!
I'm sorry but I think this is very tacky..jmho
I think it looks really cool and pretty, but my thought could you cut and serve this thing?? Would you take off all the fondant that is the rose? You would have to right??
I really like it. It has kicked off some other ideas in my head so it is inspiring too x
I also wondered about the cutting question and ended up using a very sharp knife and then removing some of the petals before serving. Yeah, it's a lot of fondant and I told people they really didn't have to eat it (although some crazies did) but the actual cake can look really cool. I put a pic of the cut cake in my photos. I like the cross-section!
fondantgrl, the only thing tacky on this particular page is you. What a nice tutorial, and it must have been a lot of work to put that together. I think there are some different ways and twists that could be applied to the idea, and the results would be far from tacky. As it is, it is far from tacky. But you define it.
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