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How to make a Knitted Sweater Cake with collar and bow


How to make a Knitted Sweater Cake with collar and bow

Great idea for Ugly Sweater Themed Holiday Cakes!

by lanana



Knitted Sweater Cake

This is a different version of my Polo shirt cake. My mom and I saw a cake like this from Colette Peters, as usual my mom (who doesn't know anything about cakes ) told me: This is Crazy loops all the way !!! (SHE IS A VISIONARY), We tried the effect and it actualy worked. So, This is the first time I ever make this cake, so there are some mistakes I would change for sure. lucky you,  I am the one who is giving it a try, re-checking the mistakes and making sure you will do it differently. This cake is covered in all ( butter) buttercream, no shortening recipe. It is actually tastier!!!


9"x13" sheet cake

I torted the cake and fill it; note theat I actually leave the dome on top and din not flat it. I think this is the way shirts rest inside a gift box, they are not completly flat. I trimmed the edges with my cooking scissors


free scrapers!!!

I wanted to show you this picture, these are my free scrapers, they are great!! and for free


crumb coat

I always crumb coat my cakes and then chill. It turns easier to cover in buttercream and you will produce less mess and crumbs on your table


Cover in buttercream

This is what I tought: If my sweater is blue, then I will use blue to cover the cake, this way you don't need to make the loops so tight to cover the white buttercream , But after finishing the cake, I realized I could have covered the cake in white, since collar is white. When you are wearing a knitted sweater, you can actually see the shirt you are wearing under it!!! dah!! you can fix that:Cover the cake in the collar color!!!


Do't do this!!!

Sorry but I need to show you my big mistake (remember this is Trial and Error) but you will not do this!!! I put this piece of fondant, which I completely regret because I thought about the collar which it should showa piece of the shirt. SO you will do this: either to cover all cake in fondant using the color of the collar (I really don't like this Idea) or take just a little piece of fondant to cover the back of your collar instead of this large piece I used!!! (THAT IS A BETTER IDEA FOR SURE)



Cut the collar on a piece of gumpaste (scroll down to find template)



Use the stitches wheel to make a nice touch all around the collar


Turn around gumpaste

Tak a piece of saran paper and make a sausage,or sort of it. Turn your collar around (upsidedown)


This collar has a tapered shape, trapezoidal shape.

the pointy side will be shown, the smaller side will not


Fold your saran Paper like a Burrito


Form Collar

This is what you should get after you fold it. The plastic paper will basically help you to hold collar's shape so it will not break



Now you need to transfer your collar, I know is not that easy and it is kind of scared, but you still have the saran paper to help you to hold it. Put some water on the cake to stick your collar to it. You can leave it rest for 5 min so Gumpaste dries a little bit, then take the saran paper off, and fix the collar: make it round it, give it some movement, if it need to hold better its shape put some cotton or tissue paper under it. It still needs to dry.


Mark designs

Mark some shapes on your chilled  cake, this is a design I liked but you can use what you like. I used some diamond shaped cookie cutters to mark it on the cake 


Star or Snowflake???

I think this is a star, but somebody at the party told me:  ahhh how cute, it is a snowflake!!! (so now I have my doubts) anyway I use this shape and mark it with a toothpick.


Time for LOOPING around!!!

I used 3 colors buttercream and #3 Wilton Tip , I tinted my buttercream the  color combination  I like: About 2 cups blue  buttercream and 1/2 cup for the rest of colors (maybe less than that)This effect of the knitted sweater is basically loops, and loops, and more loops until your hand hurts and you regret making this cake!!!LOL , but then you will see is worthy. Try to keep your loops in straght line, if you feel you will not do it straght then use a ruler and mark your buttercream so you can have reference mark to follow. Once you cover all your cake in loops, chill. Buttercream hardens and you will able to put the paper (if you want)


more details

I use the diamond cutter to mark my zig-zag lines. Make note: Always fill up the shape first, then the border of your shapes


Finally is Done!!

This cake is really easy to make, you do not need to add the collar or the bow, just make the sweater. The loops don't need to be perfect, knitted sweaters are not perfect , specially if I am the one who make it: some points too tight, some too loose. Give it a try if fun (I know it also hurst your hand, but still fun) Cake Hugs, JOLY.


star Template


collar template

here is the most perfect little bow you can find:



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Thank you Ianana, this is a perfect tutorial. You are very kind for sharing.
you are welcome!!!
So cute! I'll have to try those loops :-).
Very nice. Thank You
OMG HOW I LOVE THIS! I usually make the Shirt Cake with Tie in a box for Daddy's Day but this year he will get a Knit Sweater! THANK YOU sooo much!
thank you..thank you..thank you...God bless your kind heart!!
love it! thanks so much for taking the time to show us everything including the mistakes.
I love this....looks so real!!!
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