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How To Make a Gumpaste Bow

I find the best way to do these bows is to make them directly onto the cake or shoe or whatever it is Im making, but for the purpose of the tutorial, Ive made this one on a work board.

Tools: Here are the tools I like to have on hand.

Step 1 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Use a ball of modelling paste the size of a marble.

Step 2 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Roll the paste into a long sausage 

Step 3 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Roll the paste as thinly as you like. I like to roll my paste very thinly so that the bow looks like its made of fabric. I roll it about the thickness I would roll paste to make a rose leaf. But this is personal a personal preference, you can make it as thick or as thin as you wish. 
Step 4 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Cut two lengths of the rolled paste the same length and width. These will form the loops. I generally cut mine around 7.5 cm/3 inches wide and about 15 cm/6 inches long. The length of these loops will determine the size of you bow, so If you want a bow about 10cms/4 inches long the loops will need to be a little more than double that length when you cut them. Its a little bit of trial and error, but the length can be adjusted after theyve been cut quite easily.

Step 5 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
I like to use a stitching wheel ( or fondant embosser) to mark the edges of all the bow pieces; it really looks effective, and gives it a wonderful fabric look. Use a ruler when you do this, because wonky stitching marks look terrible!

Step 6 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Dust the pieces with luster dust if you wish at this stage.

Step 7 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Turn one loop piece over and pinch the ends together as shown, then do the same with the other end, and pinch the two ends together. You may want to adjust the lengths at this stage to make the bow look fuller, if the loops are too long it will look droopy.

Step 8 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Repeat this process with the other loop piece, put a little scrunched up plastic wrap inside them to keep the puffy shape and set aside.

Step 9 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Roll out the tails of the bow in the same manner as the loops but make them a little thinner, maybe ¾ of the width of the loop pieces. Cut the ends at a 45 degree angle, mark the edges with an embosser and dust. Pinch them as you did the loop pieces.

Step 10 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
Make the centre knot with another piece of paste rolled and marked in the same manner as the other pieces, but only make it about ½ the length of the tail pieces. Mark the edges, dust with luster and then pinch both ends and give it some folds so it will appear to have creases like the centre of a real ribbon bow.
Step 11 How To Make A Gumpaste Bow
, using some sugar glue or just a dab of water. Put the bow together in this order (1) tail piece (2) Loop (3) The other loop(4) The knot The knot is just wrapped around all the other scrunched up ends so that there arent any rough edges showing. It doesnt need to go all the way around the back of the bow, just tuck the edges under so they dont show.

(1) tail piece. (2) Loop

(3) The other loop (4) The knot

You may need to adjust the loops and tails to get them sitting just right, and this can be done for a few minutes after the whole thing has been put together. Once youre happy with the results, leave it to dry at least over night

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i have tried other methods but it has never really been good they keep breaking do i use gumpaste or just fondant pls canyou give a recipe for the fondant you used in making them.tyhanks
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This looks great :) You make it seem so easy. I must try it. The one thing that worries me is once its all dry, putting it onto the cake up-right and realizing I didn't put enough glue to hold all the pieces together.
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Hello, i'm patrizia from italy. I wondering if you could tell me how i can reproduce the color of tiffany's box with the Sugar paste. Thank you so much
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