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How to Make a Fondant Loop Bow

This step-bystep-cake article will show you how to make a looped bow from fondant or gumpaste. This technique is great for creating a present, or gift shaped cake.
Green with Pink Bow Cake By: gourmetcakes ITEMS NEEDED:
  • Fondant or Gumpaste
  • Rolling Pin or Pasta machine
  • Pizza cutter or Knife
  • Large Dowel (1 in thick)
  • Soft candy melts or Royal Icing
  • Bowl
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1. Use a piece of gumpaste, fondant, or candy clay about the size of a tennis ball

2. I first will roll about 1/2 of the dough thru my pasta machine to a medium thickness (#4) or roll your fondant to approx 1/4 in. thickness

3. You could also use a pizza cutter or knife to cut the strips. Take two strips out to be the bow tails and then cut 2 strips in half to make thin little loops for fill-ins

4. Hang the loops over a dowel or large stick such as a broom handle (about 1in wide)

5. Wet the ends alittle and press them together to form a point. Allow all the pieces to dry for about 24 hours.

6. Paint or brush with a colored dust or pearl dust for an extra sparkle

7. In a plastic bowl that is about the size as the top of your cake place a piece of wax paper with a glob of soft candy melts or royal icing for your "glue"

8. Place the bottom row of loops in the bowl with some on their side and some flat. Add more "glue" to the top of the ends and add another layer.

  9. Keep repeating until you get the fullness and look you want  

10. Allow the "glue" to dry and then remove the bow my placing your hand on top of it and slowly flipping into your hand and then flipping it top side up
By: Sugar Wonders Cake Club

Comments (32)

thank this great for any cake and your directions are easy to follow
Awesome directions! Can't wait to try it!
Just what I needed!!! Thanks so much for the instructions!
Thanks so much ... I never thought about using a bowl to put the bow together. I like that tip. Will be trying this technique next time I need a bow.
Great instructions! One question, how did you make the pink dots on the cake shown? They are amazing!
this is really nice. thanks
What are the length/width of the strips mentioned above and around how many do you cut? Instructions look easy so I'm going to have to try this sometime soon!
What do you do with the piece of waxed paper from the bottom of the bowl?
great tutorial, my bow came out wonderful. I didn't use a bowl simply because I didn't have one the size I wanted. But your directions helped me make my first bow. Thanks so much.
thankyou so much! i spent ages finding some easy to follow instructions on how to make a bow and yours were fantastic. thankyou!
how far in advance can I make the bow? I have a big order of a cake w. 125 cupcakes due on Feb 19, 2010. I want to be able to make as much as I can before hand, so I'm not pulling a all nighter. What do you think? By the way, great instructions!! Thank you!!
Thanks for the info. I attempted to make a bow the other night and it didn't turn out very well at all, I think I was rolling it too thin. I will definetly try this way...soon! :)
I tried to make a bow too and was not successful. When I pinched the bottoms together, they came out flat, Next time I'll make sure they "point". Also used royal icing and it didn't dry to securly hold the loops. I also used gumpaste as opposed to fondant. I thought the fondant would be too soft and bend. I'll try again!
Whenever I add alittle water to the ends, my fondant tears!! I'm using McCalls fondant. Do you recommend gum paste instead.
Just what I was looking for! Thanks!
I just tried doing this. What a mess. Next time I need to make my strips a lot shorter. :(
Thanks! Will be trying this on the weekend :)
u make it look so easy
I tried this technique but ended up with a very distorted strange looking bow. Should the points of the loops all be touching at the center? What lengths and how many loops did you use? Perhaps using a variety of lenghts might make it workout better. I would love to achieve a beautiful bow like yours. Will try again!
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