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How to Bake Hearts inside a cake


How to put an image inside a cake so each piece cut is the same.

List of Materials

  • baked cake the color you want inside, shaped cutter, baking nail, raw mix.

Cut small wedges, one at a time as needed, out of your baked colored cake. I am using a heart cutter. You want your pieces to be in a wedge shape so they will fit TIGHTLY together.
Here are all my pieces cut out ready to go. This pink cade was baked in a 7" x 3" pan so that it would fit in an 8" x 3" pan for the second baking.
Now I have placed a little bit of cake batter in the bottom of my pan. I also place a flower nail to get even baking. My first attempt took the center so long to get done the edges were a bit dry. The pieces will stand up by themselves. Make sure to push down close to the last piece so you don't get any chocolate mix inbetween the hearts.
More stacking.
All stacked in tight. Now you will cover with the batter you have left over... I didn't use ALL my batter... just make sure you cover the pieces.
Bake. I baked this 8" x 3" cake for about an hour at 350 degrees. Just keep checking every 5 minutes or so until done.   WAH LAH!

Comments (27)

What a neat technique, clever! What recipes did you use? Maybe a moister pink cake since you have to bake it again ? or a butter cake that is dense?
Hi ak165. I don't know why this is not posted by me anymore, but this is my tutorial. I just baked a regular pink cake. It was amazing that it didn't seem like it was twice baked. It was still moist.
oh wow!!! Karen...this is your tutorial....
Thanks for this!
I'd love to give it a go one day
How does the pink cake not get dry?
ohh wow!! can this be done in red velvet cake as well ? if i cut out reds from red velvet and make the other batter without any red color...just wondering
Amazing tutorial karmarie. Thank you for sharing :).
Cake Central, you should give credit to the original people who create and post these tutorials! Unfair to repost and not even mention the person who worked hard to put this together.
WOW! Thanks for your tutorial. Once i bought a cake pan from w**** with a heart inside, but it dont worked. But I´m sure yout tutorial will!! :)
wow! i will give it a try one day :)
This is great! Thanks!
made a cake yesterday with your tutorial. worked great. thanks
I don't understand how the heart comes out looking right side up when the cake is cut into but they are put on their sides when they are placed in the second pan? please explain I would love to make this.
Cool Beans need to try this
@sunshinelala -- she puts the hearts into the 2nd pan upside down, so the pointy edge is up. After the cake is baked, cooled, etc. She flips the cake, so that the bottom of the pan becomes the top of the cake...and the hearts are right-side up :D
@ lisakinva thx a bunch I couldn't tell they were upside down it seemed like it was on the side :)
@karmarie - Great job! I'm going to try this. CC should give you credit for your hard work on this!
this is so clever i must try it thank you .
mine has just done in the oven not sure i got the hearts as wedged as yours but it tastes very nice cant wait to take it out and cut in to it see if i was sucsessful first time round thanks again :)
How clever! I'm going to try this soon
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