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Heavenly Pumpkin Spice Cake

Was looking for a moist cake that was stackable for a wedding tiered cake. Every recipe I found was for a bundt cake or bars. So this is tried and tested and came out delicious and moist. It does include the cake mix extender in the recipe below. Enjoy this, It was Heavenly!

Heavenly Pumpkin Spice Cake


  • 1 package spice cake mix 18.25 oz 1 cup plain white flour 1 cup white sugar 1 4 oz instant vanilla pudding mix 1/3 teaspoon salt 1 cup canned pumpkin 8 oz sour cream 1/2 cup vegatable oil 1/2 cup water 4 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla 2 tsp cinnamon Pumpkin Filling Mix the following for a yummy filling: 4 oz softened cream cheese 1/2 cup powdered sugar then mix in 1/2 cup canned pumpkin 1 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg and 1/4 tsp vanilla. Once mixed slowly add 1/2 cup whipping cream. Beat for 1-2 minutes. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Great to make ahead of time. Do not try to freeze. I did this and it was not a good idea.


  1. Preheat Oven to 325-350 degrees, grease and flour pan. I use the wilton chart for how long to bake this cake depending on pan size and depth plus an extra 8-10 minutes because of the added pumplin. I also use a cake nail(s) in the center for a level cake.
  2. Combine all ingredients and beat on medium speed for about 6 minutes. This will make about 7.5 cups of batter. It will easily make one 9x13 sheet or 2 8" round cakes.
  3. Pour into your prepared pans and bake for 40-55 minutes depending on pan size.
  4. Alternative recipe: Chocolate pumpkin cake, subsitute devil's food cake mix for the spice mix listed above. In my experimentations, I did this accidentally and it was delicious. I used the pumpkin filling above and topped it with cream cheese icing and my office had a very sweet treat! No one could figure out the ingredients.
  5. When I baked my 14 in x 3 in round it took 65 minutes because I bake at 325 degrees.

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I tried this for the first time today. Let me tell you--- it is delicious!! Already know it's going to be at the top of my favorite cake recipes. It will be a flavor I offer from now on. I was trying it out for a wedding cake and made a 3 layer 8" cake. It was a nice tall cake. On two of the layers I put chopped pecans and then when it came out I poured a praline mixture over it (1 stick butter and 1/2 c. of brown sugar-- cook over low heat until boiling, cook for 1 minute more-- stir constantly) This was my filling and then I iced with Indydeb's buttercream--- it's wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
Not only is this really, really yummy and house smells devine. I popped a cupcake in my mouth while they were still warm...I couldn't wait! :)
This recipe is great! It makes a tasty, moist cake. I used Duncan Hines spice cake mix and added an extra 1/4 cup flour for high altitude. It made enough for two 8" cakes and one 6" cake.
One of the best recipes ever!!! I have made others from this site and was disappointed but this recipe was fantastic! Moist, holds up well, I added raisins and also only used half a cup of sugar, and 4 heaping spoons of cinnamon applesauce, very very tasty. Will make it again!
loved your recipe i made it 2day,every one loved it.
I loved this recipe! The density was perfect for stacking, but very moist. I added about 1/3 bag of the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter and people raved about it. Topped it off with crusting cream cheese frosting!
I love this recipe. Just used it for the first time. My DH and I ate the scraps and had a hard time putting it down.
Wow, nice to hear all the comments. I created this recipe after trying several that weren't firm enough for stacking in a wedding cake. I love all the variations including the choc chips and the Praline topping. Its time for me to make a Pumpkin Spice cake. I also have a basic pumpkin bar recipe posted that was from a dear friend of mine and its super easy. Happy Fall All!
hello...i am making cupcakes today for a halloween party in 2 days...does anyone know if or how i would modify this for cupcakes, maybe doesn't have to be so dense if it cupcakes...any suggestions??
This is the BEST pumpkin spice cake recipe EVER!!! I was searching for a recipe that I had seen before and couldn't find it. I found this one and decided to try it. I made 3. 1 for my co-workers, 1 for hubby's co-workers and 1 for church. The one at church was entered into a "cake contest" at our Harvest festival. I won 1st place. The cake was absolutely awesome. I didn't use a filling or frosting. I made this one in a bundt pan and put a very light drizzle of pastry glaze over it. Soooo many compliments. Perfectly moist and not to dense for any application. Perfect recipe.
This is a winner!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Have tried subsituting 1 cup pumpkin with 1 cup smashed banana - yummy!
Awesome! I substituted the vanilla pudding with pumpkin spice pudding for an extra kick! It turned out great
AWESOME RECIPE!!! This has become a big hit with my customers!!! :)
FANTASTICALLY moist and delicious! Makes phenomenal cake truffles...just use a little bit of cream cheese as a binder (you won't need much since the cake is so moist) and cover in white chocolate. They were a huge hit!
Buttercup.........I love these cake truffles dipped in white chocolate
This sounds wonderful, I cannot wait to try this out... neither can my husband, LOL
I have spiced this recipe a bit by using 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp giner 1/4 stp cloves. People GO NUTS for it. I use a citrus cream cheese icing, or a citrus buttercream (both with orange extract, grand marnier and zest). The cupcakes are hard to put down. I've done lots of batches of mini-cupcakes. Recipe yields about 70 minis. What about standard size? Any idea on the yield?
This is awesome!!!I just did regular size cupcakes and i got 36. I also spiced it a bit and instead of whipping cream i used cool whip instead. This way I am hoping to be able to freeze it.
I made this for the first time about a year and a half ago - I added the mini chocolate chips like someone said above - it is one of my FAVORITE recipes and everyone raves about it!!! It is absolutely wonderful!!! I fill and cover it with chocolate FMBC and you just can't beat it!
Has anyone tried a carrot version of this cake? I have made the banana version...but love the taste and texture of this - just wondering if i can make a carrot version if I mince the carrot really fine??? Thoughts?
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