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Healthier Cake Pops

My son loves cake pops and I wanted to satisfy his taste buds as well as give him something I wouldn't feel guilty about. This is the result of my quest, this is our perfect snack.


  • 2- deep chocolate Vita Tops (I use the ones that are not sugar free because I dislike the taste of fake sugar) 1 Tbsp- apricot preserves (I used smuckers simply fruit) melting chocolate or coating (whatever you usually use for cake pops)


Defrost Vita Tops in microwave 16 seconds each crumble VitaTops add preserves mix make 4 balls and refridgerate then follow normal procedure to make pops

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What are Vita Tops?
I googled it, vita pop is like a muffin. You could also make a low sugar/fat cake and use that instead, using splenda instead of sugar ect, but the preserves is a good idea, just thinking of a jelly roll turned into a cake pop is making me drool! :) Follow this link for more info.
oops I meant Vita Top**
guess I'm not the only one wanting to know what Vita Tops are...
Google is a wonderful thing! Vita Tops are a brand name of 100 calorie muffins. What a great idea!
Sorry I just looked at this again for the first time. Yes VitaTops are a healthy type of muffin top sold in the freezer aisle (because they contain no preservatives). They have added vitamins and lots of fiber. The only one that they have that you can make pops out of are chocolate, that is unless you want to try the apple but not sure how that would taste. They are have more of a gooey texture than regular pops.
Splenda and other artificial sweetners may bother some people I am one of them. Splenda gives me IBS symptons, aspertame gives me a pain in my side
Cake Central › Recipes › Healthier Cake Pops