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French Vanilla Buttercream

I was needing to try making a recipe with no egg whites (I usually use SMBC) As well as minimal lactose. I had a recipe for Special Butter cream frosting and I altered it slightly. This is what I came up with. I thought it was to die for!!


  • Ingredients * 2 cups butter * 8 cups confectioners' sugar * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 6 fluid ounces International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer


1. Cream butter until fluffy. Add confectioner's sugar and continue creaming until well blended. 2. Add salt, vanilla, and creamer blend on low speed until moistened. Add additional creamer if necessary (up to 2 ounces). Beat at high speed until frosting is fluffy.

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Does this buttercream crust at all?
Very similar to what I use every time and it IS yummy, isn't it?! DiscoLady, yes, it does crust. I use Da Vinci French Vanilla coffee syrup and milk where you use the creamer. If you use salted butter, you omit the added salt. Delish!
sounds like just what I need, thanks! Have you piped flowers with it?
Sounds great...can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.
Sorry ladies no I haven't piped flowers but I did 'hair/fur' on Elmo cupcakes and it was most definitely stiff enough. It does crust and it is so yummy!
This sounds super yummy!!
I have used tons of the different flavors of creamers, they all turn out great! I especially like using the Bailey's creamer.
Sounds yummy! You listed that you add vanilla along with the salt and the creamer but there is no vanilla listed in the ingredient listing. How much should we add? Thanks for sharing. ml
Would a cake iced in this need to be refrigerated because of the coffee creamer? Also I did not see a measurement for the vanilla listed and was wondering how much. Thank you
Sorry ladies omit the vanilla in the instructions I meant to delete it and I forgot. There is enough of a vanilla taste from the creamer that you don't need to use it. Also Kyla I wouldn't worry about refrigeration as International Delight coffee creamer has a VERY long 'shelf' life it actually is not a dairy product therefore it takes a VERY long time to expire.
sounds much does this yield?
I iced 30 cupcakes and had enough left to do maybe 12 more. To give a measurement I am unsure... Maybe 8-10 cups. Seems like a lot.
Correction: More along the lines of 7-8 cups. Sorry
I use this buttercream except I changed it to be all butter and it is BY FAR the best I have used! I think I like the more subtle french vanilla flavor that the creamer gives it rather then a harsh vanilla extract flavor! ( I really don't love extract flavor :P) It's great!
Would this work well under fondant?
chrisviz: I am sure it would work great. I don't cover cakes in fondant but I am sure it would work just like any other crusting buttercream.
Is this a white buttercream or is the tint off white?
It is very white!! The creamer you use is slightly off white and so is the butter but I find it to be very white. If you use all butter it definitely makes it off white.
I just made the buttercream and it was fabulous. Thanks for the recipe.
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