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How to make Fingers fondant

Get a ball of skin colored fondant. Roll into long rolls, look like finger width. I used the length of my fingers as a guide of how big and thick to make. Cut the fondant rolls as long as you fingers. Use toothpick to make creases in your fingers, again use your hands as a guide. I used the fake nails to make the imprints where your nail would be. Then done! Viola! You can use them to wrap around anything. Mine was for a naughty cake LOL. but can hold on to anything you want. hope this helps with your next project

List of Materials

  • fondant, fake nails, tooth pick

Rolls of fondant length of your finger cut and smooth out end of fingers Use toothpick to make creases where your knuckles move Fake nails to make finger nail imprints Use color and paintbrush if you want to paint nails Viola! hope this helps on your next project for fingers

Comments (9)

Oh so cute, want to try one
This is perfect timing as I am making a naughty cake myself next month and will use your technique! Thanks!
how did you make the dolfins on your cake
Thanks so much for sharing! I have a naughty bachelorette cake coming up that requires fingers & this will help a lot. Thanks!
Those are nice and look real! Thanks for sharing how you made these.
these look great! and does anyone know how to make the edible gel nails galidink mentioned!?
Love them and I too would like to know about how to make edible gel nails...
Cake Central › Tutorials › How to make Fingers fondant