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Easy Marshmallow Fondant

This is a fantastic recipe and is nice and easy to work with....


  • 1 lb. mini marshmallows (not the regular ones, they just don't melt the same) 1 kg. icing sugar 1/2 cup all vegetable shortening 2 tbsp. water


Put marshmallows and water in a glass bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir and go for another 30 seconds. Repeat until all the marshmallows are melted (about 2 - 2 1/2 minutes). Stir in about 1/4 of the bag of icing sugar to make a dough like consistency Coat the table you're working on with most of the shortening and use the rest to coat your hands front and back really well. Sift some icing sugar over the shortening and turn out the 'dough' onto it. Knead as though it were bread, adding sifted icing sugar all the while until you reach a fondant-like consistency (this will usually take just over 3/4 of the bag of icing sugar, depending on humidity). Once you are done, coat it in shortening and wrap in plastic tightly and put in a sealed bag to rest for at least 30 minutes, prefereably overnight. When you're ready to use it, put it in the microwave in 10 second increments until it's soft enough to work with. *Tip: If you're coloring it all the same color, put the color in with the marshmallows in the microwave - this makes it easier to mix in*

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Why will it not let me add recipes to my favorites?
It let me add it to favorites. Did you log one first?
looks like a nice recipe i will try it
Yea it wont let me save it to my favs either????
I've tried other marshmallow fondant recipies and was not excited by them. This one looks good. I usually sift all my confectionary sugar. Do you for this one?
what is the convertion for 1 kg in your icing sugar ? 2 lbs or 4lbs pkg?
1 kg = 2.2 pounds
This is the recipe that I use ALL of the time. It works great especially if you mix it in the Kitchen Aide mixer which is a lifesaver!!
this is it the one that i use & it works beautiful.
Tiffany0481- Do you use your dough attachment to mix? And do you still microwave the marshmellos?
Maltesemomof3boys - I'm not sure about Tiffany048, but I use the dough attachment. I make sure to grease it and the bowl first with shortening so it doesn't stick. Yes, you should still microwave the marshmallows, so that they will absorb/mix with the powdered sugar.
some says that vegetable shortening does not have a good taste than butter?i usually use butter instead of shortening to make it more do you agree with it?
I add butter flavoring to mine too. If I want chocolate then I add some sifted cocoa with the sugar. Very similiar to the recipe I use. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Everyone, To answer a few of those questions: a. yes, I sift the icing sugar b. no, I do not use butter as it changes the color, and it increases the chance of spoilage since it is raw dairy c. for chocolate, add cocoa and melted dark chocolate Hope you all enjoy!!
This is the recipe I use!
I will be making my son's wedding cake in Jan. of 2011. Have never used fondant of any type before in making wedding cakes-always used buttercream. Is this fondant recipe something that I could use on a wedding cake? I plan to practice lots with fondant before then, or perhaps take a class in it. Anyone know of a place to take a class in fondant iciing here in Kansas City? Could I teach myself?
Dbond, here in Texas, you can take the Wilton Cake Decorating classes at Micheals or HobbyLobby, they also have Wilton fondant class there. You can also go to youtube and find some videos on how to cover a cake with fondant and decorating with fondant.
Hi, I made mm Fondant in the past, when i was in montreal I never had a problem, but after moving to Ontario, I dont if its the marshmellow or the icing sugar, but my fondant end up not rolling out properly and even if they do and I apply to a cake, it dried really hard. But fondant makes cakes too really nice, and i'm worried that the hardening is going to let people unsatisfied. What should I do?
Sorry, i am a newbie. Can anyone explain to me what is icing sugar
I have trried theis recipie before and it worked ot GREAT! It is very easy to make and it taste like marshmallowa. ohhh and to pineapple2009 icing sugar is like powdered sugar thats what i used when i made my marshmallow fondant!
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