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Easy ButterCream

Grandmother's recepie,only 2 ingredients.


  • Unsalted Butter 300gr, 1 can of sweetened condenced milk ( abt 400ml)


Take butter out of refregerater before you suppose to use it.It should to be not hard , not too soft. Beat the butter with mixer for a while till smooth and creamy consistency.Begin to add condeced milk little by little to the butter,continue beating till the cream is done.

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how does this hold up in heat? how is the taste... it seems too simple! curious to try it though! is it easy to frost and decorate with and get smooth?
The taste is excellent. It's easy to decorate with and get smooth. As for holding heat - I don't know.I always keep my cakes in refregerater, even fondant. All my posted cakes are made with this cream.
300gr of butter...i may be stupid here but how much is that ? Sounds good...will ahve to try...and i'm thinking this would prob be best to keep cool..
Does this crust at all?
Will have to try, but have the same question as Chili
1stick of butter = 113gr = 4 oz = 8 tbsp t's mean : 1tbsp = 14.125 gr 300gr/ 14.125gr = 21.2 tbsp 300 gr of butter is 21.2 tbsp = 2.65 sticks of butter. 1 can of sweetened condenced milk - 14 oz ( 396gr) Hope it's helpful. I make all my cakes with this cream, so far it crusted beautifully
I wanna try this sounds simple and yummy thanks for posting !
I made this today and it really is yummy and easy to make. It is not too sweet and I like that. I thought it wouldn't make very much , but it makes 4 cups icing when mixed together. I used 300g of unsalted butter and 1 can (300ml) of sweetened condensed milk. I was surprised how easy it was. It really comes up beautifully, very creamy and silky smooth. I haven't iced my cake yet but I've had icing like this before and it smooths great. Can't wait to put my cake together tomorrow. I used my Accolade Kitchen Aid with the paddle. I put it on 10 for a few minutes at the end to get it really creamy. I also scrapped the bowl down a few times to really incorporate all the ingredients..
I don't have a Kitchen Aid mixer....will this still come out right just using my hand held mixer? I bought the ingredients already and hope to try this out next week.
I am so glad that you like this recepie. Cream will come pperfect using just mixer. I don't have Kitchen Aid either. Also, insread of condenced milk you can try "dulce de leche" This caramel cream especially good for chocolate cake.
Sounds yummy and easy... I assume it has a yellow colour to it, right?
If you use regular sweetened codenced milk the cream will be white color, if you use "dullce de leche" condenced milk it will be darker creamy color, may be beige. Cream will not change the color of white fondant on it.
Can you use this to dirty ice a cake before covering with fondant ??
Thanks for sharing this recipe. My aunt used to use it too, but I couldn't remember the exact proportion. This cream seems to be popular in many Russian cakes.
Exactly right. The most famouse Russian (used to be French) cake Napoleon has this buttercream.
Input from a Floridian: icing tastes GREAT, but at least here in FL, does not hold on the heat. Was only good for filling & buttercream decorations, was melting in my hands after handling the bags for some time. After I put in the refrig. for a bit, was good to decorate again. Next time I'll put under fondant to see how that will hold. :) Will definitely go on my recipe book thow. :) ty 4 sharing.
will i be able to pipe roses with this recipe?
Tried this tonight for a batch of cupcakes. Came together beautifully, very soft and creamy. I didn't have enough butter to make up the 300g so I used shortening for the difference with no ill effect. I also melted and cooled some bittersweet chocolate to add to it -- very yummy!
300g of butter = 2 sticks and 3 tbsp. by my calculation.
Before I added the chocolate, the icing itself was a nice caramel color from the milk. That could be on my end since the can had been in the pantry for awhile.
You'd be able to ice a cake using it right after blending with no problem. It's too soft, though, to use right way for piping. I have my leftovers in the fridge to see if it hardens up enough for that.
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