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Dulce de Leche Mousse

This is my first filling recipe. I can´t believe how easy it is and how delicious it resulted. Try it, you wont regret.


  • 1 cartoon whipping cream ( about 2 cups)
    1 can dulce de leche âla lecheraâ (you can just cook one can of condensed milk in enough water to cover it for 45 minutes in pressure pan, let cool at room temperature or it can affect the whipped cream).
    1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    1 tablespoon of confectioner´s sugar


  1. 1. Chill whipping cream until reaching instructions temperature. Beat in high speed during about 2 minutes and add vanilla extract and confectione´s sugar. 2. Continue beating until you have a good consistency to spread. Add half of the dulce de leche can and continue beating. Add the rest of the can and taste sweetness. Beat until well blended and use immediately. NOTE. Keep this filling in the refri. As a tip for having good results with your cream you can use a glass bowl previously chilled.

Comments (20)

Can't wait to try this , I LOVE carmel!!!!!!!
Hi, so the condensed milk is cooked in water in a pressure cooker? I just wanted to make sure that I understood the directions.
You can also make dulce de leche in the microwave - I've posted a recipe on that. This sounds delicious - I think I'll spoil my family with brownie cupcakes topped with this mousse!
I love this! I make caramel all the time, but without a pressure cooker. Eagle brand milk. Boil the can 3 hours (keep covered in water)... don't open the can! Cool at room temp or refrigerate overnight... so good!
Yes I do the same as kdmoffett. I usually boil a few cans at a time that way I have extra on hand. (seeing that it takes 3 hours).
sounds yummy gonna try it, i make my carmel like that for my christmas candy turtles they are very good.
I tried it, and instead of whipping cream used cream cheese, turned out delicious, everybody loved the taste! so will use it quiet often for sure!!
Very good!!!! Love it!
Once you fill the cake with it, can you leave the cake out or has to fridge?
Licia, you can use the can of dulce de leche or if you want to make your dulce de leche is when you boil a can of condensed milk in water for 3 hours.
ive made this cake but i just dont understand when u say biol the condence in water and i dont have a pressuer cooker help
Soooo yummy! Had to use it and wash the bowl asap so I didn't sit and lick it clean!
As Cucu1214, when I need the cake stay out of the fridge more time I just mix dulce de leche with cream cheese... It´s delicious and not overwhelming sweet as the dulce de leche... People love it!!
Can this be made a day or two ahead of time & kept in the fridge? Also the la lachera, do you use the regular or Carmel? Thanks!
i ve tried this recipe and it tastes really good,but i found it too liquid for filling a cake. can someone help me to get it more firm? thks
I made (or tried to make) this recipe today and realized I should have read it thoroughly beforehand. There are so many typos and vague, poorly worded directions that I had to make educated guesses on most of it. For instance, a "cartoon" of whipping cream is a small pint-size carton. I have made whipped cream many times and thought the "La Lechera" must really thicken it up a lot to stand up under a layer of cake. That wasn't the case. The can of La Lechera I bought, as instructed here, was actually just a regular can of sweetened condensed milk. I thought it would have been darker and thicker but it was just a Hispanic brand. Live and learn. I'm glad this has worked out for some people though. What I have in the fridge is some milky sweet whipped cream that I think I'll let my kids and Hubby dip strawberries in. Now THAT's what I call salvaging a recipe! :) And I am thankful for that.
La Lechera is a brand , but they make Dulce De Leche. Some stores have it and some do not. Click on the link and scroll all the way down to see the dulce de leche can. It usually can be found in the Latino/Hispanic section of the store.
I wonder if I can use bettercreme (bought from sams) instead of whipping cream? I wonder how my texture will turn out and if whipping it that long will make my bettercreme dried? Will the condenced help soften the bettercreme?
This recipe is fabulous! Instead of using the pressure cooker I just boil the can of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours and follow your instructions! This is my all time favorite filling now.....and all my family members love it as well! Thanks!
How stable is this recipe? I'm looking for a top layer for a caramel cheesecake (like the one at cheesecake factory) so it would need to be a little sturdy and not melt down the minute it's out of the fridge. Will this work? Oh, and thanks all who posted about boiling the sweetened condensed milk. Great tip. Can't wait to try that.
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