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Dulce de leche, DDL, quick and easy!

This is the fast track to lovely creamy dulce de leche. It takes 20 min instead of 3 hours.


  • 1 14-oz can sweetened condensed milk This makes about 1 cup. But you can also double the recipe if you have a big bowl.


  1. MICROWAVE DULCE DE LECHE Empty the can into a large (2-1/2 quart or larger) glass bowl, and cover with plastic wrap (cling film), keeping a tiny bit uncovered to prevent excess steam build-up. Microwave on medium power (I used level 5 on a 10-level appliance) for 2 minutes. Remove, stir with a wire whisk, and recover. Cook on medium for 2 more minutes. Remove, stir with a whisk, recover. Then, in increments of 2-1/2 minutes, cook (on medium power) for another 10 minutes, stirring between each interval. After the first two stirs, you'll notice that the milk bubbles and foams up as it expels moisture. Then, with each stirring, the milk will be thicker and more caramel colored. Keep you eyes on the liquid so it doesn't rise and spill over If after the 10 minutes, you like the color and consistency, stop! If you'd like a thicker sauce, continue cooking in 1-minute increments for another 2-3 minutes. Remove from the microwave, and let cool before packing in a glass jar, or use right away as a topping for ice cream.

Comments (19)

I'll try this today.... I usually do it the other way
Thank you for this helpful tip. Can the DDL be used as a cake filling, or does it need some stabilizer?
I usually make a pie with bananas,cream and caramel but use to cook the canned sweetened milk for about 2hr45min every time, very time consuming but the pie was always delicious. I am very excited to try this method. Thank you!!
Well..I made this today and actually put it in the middle of my Dark Chocolate cake.....I am very very pleased with this method and will ALWAYS do it this way!!! Thanks for sharing!!
I made a pecan pumpkin spice cake for thanksgiving and will be trying this out today as a cake filling will let you know how it turns out. Recipe seems really easy so I'm really excited to try it out.
This is excellent as cake filling since you can decide your self what consistency you like. If you want it a bit stiffer/firmer just microwave it a bit longer. I use this as a cake filling, ice cream topping or just eat it with a spoon ;-) It's also very good to mix a couple of tbsp in a creme cheese frosting or chocolate fudge frosting
I want to try this recipe but dont understand it somewhat? Am I using a can of dulce de leche and the sweet condensed milk or just the scm and heating it up? Thanks
You make dulce de leche out of condensed milk. So you open the can of condensed milk , pour it into a bowl and microwave it :-)
How long would this keep? And would it have to be kept in the fridge? If it's in the fridge my husband would discover it, rendering the 'how long does it keep' question moot ;-P
Well I always keep it in the fridge since it's a dairy product. I would say it's fine for at least 3 weeks. Could you hide it in the freezer?
I made this tonight, YUM! I used some of it to make caramel buttercream, and the rest is going towards filling a cake later in the week. Here's what I learned: 1) my husband can sniff out condensed milk, and man is he quick! 2) use a really big bowl, it puffed up to about four times it's height in the pyrex jug I used... what a mess! 3) this stuff is too thick to be piped into a cupcake using a Bismarck tip 4) if trying to pipe something thick, use a good quality piping bag, otherwise expect caramel all over yourself when the bag splits 5) if you give the empty bag to your dog to lick, don't be surprised when she shreds it and you have to pick up pieces from all over the ground
zespri - LOL! Regarding thickness - for filling cupcakes I cut the time in the microvave with about 3-5 min to get a softer DDL.
I'm hoping this works... 'cause having family ship a case of the good stuff from Argentina, is gonna cost me. LOL And if this is as good as it's leading on; it's great on saltines! >.<
Going to try this today. Needed a filling that will work with WASC as well as chocolate cupcakes. Can't wait to try it!
trying this today for a x-mas cake...nothing like baking at the last minute :)
I wonder if I can make this in my microwave, it's a smaller model... I'm going to try anyway.
You cay that it can be used as a cake filling right? Does it fluff up or does it stay like a liquid caramel? Also what flavor cake would you recommend pairing it with? I was think a classic white cake would taste good with it, but unsure because I have not tried dulce de leche before.
Made this last night to use as a filling in a white sour cream cake with vanilla buttercream. The process is very easy and went pretty well minus thinking i actuallt needed saran wrap over my bowl. Whoops!!! Quite the mess to clean up. Once i figured out how to use that as well as hot pads to grab the bowl (ouch...whoops) things finished out great. I ended up making it a little thicker than I meant to and mixed some cream cheese into it to thin it out a bit. Worked like a charm. Cannot wait to heat what people think...I think its going to be popular!
I usually buy a dulce de leche ready to eat at Kroger and use it as a fiiling. It tastes so yummy. I will try this recipe to see if the taste is the same. Thanks for sharing.
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