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Doctored Costco Mousse recipe

This is my version of the costco mousse. The original recipe was posted by Cakeladyatla. Hope you like this doctored version.


  • 1- cup of heavy whipping cream 1- cup of milk 1 large package of instant jello pudding( the flavor you like) 1- tsp of vanilla extract( or any flavor you like) 3 tbsp of coffee creamer (any flavor you are working with) Note 1: You can fold this mousse in Oreo, Coconut, chopped Pecan or fruit puree , etc etc use your imagination . Note 2-: I made my recipe, using Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Creme flavor( (Coffee Creamer), I used vanilla and almond extra. I used Vanilla Pudding because it was i had at home, then I folded the mousse with sweetened flaked coconut. God this was so good.


Mix the Milk well, Whipped cream and Jello, Add the extract and the coffee creamer. enjoy.

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is the coffee creamer powder or liquid?
oh yes i forgot, is powder.
Thanks, I will try it out but just reading it it seems like too much flavor for my taste. because the vanilla pudding already tastes like vanilla, then you put more flavoring with the vanilla and on top of that more flavor with the coffee creamer. But I will give it a go.
i forgot to mention, i used fat free and sugar free vanilla pudding on my( personal choice), just because it made it less sweet for me. the vanilla extra and the coffee creamer, will make it richer and creamer
and remember, amount of vanilla or any other extra and the creamer it depended of your personal taste.
Does this whip up light but hold its shape?
for me, is just for filling.
Do you whip the whipping cream? Or just mix the whipping cream and milk with the pudding. Directions would be appreciated. Thanks
Sorry, I didn't see the small instructions, but still want to know if you whip the whipping cream or whip at all
I'm not clear on you make whipped cream first and mix in, or do you mix in the liquid heavy cream and then whip ingredients?
sugar momma, i just mix everything together.
does this whip up light and fluffy like whipped cream only more dense or is it like really creamy pudding. Last time I made it it was like creamy pudding.
because the extras is more dense.
Just made this filling and even DH liked it. I didn't have any problems getting it to set up and I used liquid non-dairy coffee creamer instead of the powdered form. No problems making it. It set up pretty quickly and it is very dense. However, I am worried about it holding up while left out of the fridge for longr than an hour. I am testing recipes today in prep for my son's first birthday. I am going to fill my test cake and leave it out for a few hours and see. If needed, I think I'll try adding the marshmallow fluff to see if it will hold up. Thanks for posting this!
I should add, that I did not whip the heavy cream first. I combined the milk, heavy cream and coffee creamer together and then added it to the pudding powder and whipped it all together. It took maybe 5 min to complete.
Just made this and can't stop licking! Been looking for a mouse recipe that taste like Costco's ..........this is it,love it!thanks for posting.
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