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Cinnamon Cake - Puerto Rico Method

This recipe uses the base of the puertorican cake, "mojadito", meaning wet, also known as rum cake. Hope you all like it, its has a lot of flavor and very moist. Just a little token from our island to you CC members. Please let me know how it comes out. This recipe yields for a Wilton shape pan or a 10" round pan, or a 8" and 6" round pans.


  • Batter: 1 pound butter 3/4 cup brown sugar 3/4 egg yolks 3 cups self raising flour 1/4 cup cinnamon powder 4 tbsp. rum 2 tsp. cinnamon extract White mixture: 1 cup of whites 3/4 cup sugar Syrup: 2 cups water 2 cups sugar 3 tbsp. almond extract


1. Soften the butter in the mixer on medium. 2. Add the brown sugar and let it mix for about 3 minutes, it will become creamy. 3. Slow the mixer down to stir and add the yolks one by one and let it mix for about 5 minutes on medium. 4. Meanwhile,in a small bowl mix the rum and extract and in a large bowl mix the cinnamon with the flour. 5. After you have mixed the yolks in the batter add the flour mix and the liquid mix alternatively. Always start with the flour mix. Do not over mix. 6. Pour the mix in a large stainless steel bowl. 7. In a grease free bowl, mix the whites with the sugar just about to meringue point. 8. Incorporate the meringue to the batter in the stainless steel bowl. Remember not to stir, you must always fold in. 9. Pour your batter in the prepared greased pans you wish to use. 10. 350 oven for about one hour. Syrup: After the cake is done you can prepare the syrup. 1. In a sauce pan heat up the sugar and water until you can not see the sugar. You will probably have to stir it a couple of times to mix well. ( you can also do it in the microwave) 2. Remove the sauce pan from the stove and stir in the rum. 3. Pour over the cake about 2 cups of the syrup or as much as you like. Let the cake stand for about 4 hours then decorate.

Comments (16)

Sounds yummy love to give it a try.. one question?? Is that 1/4 cup cinnamon?
Sounds good. It says 3/4 egg yolks. Is that 3/4 cup or 3 to 4 yolks. How many?
Sounds good, I would like to know the answers to the above questions as well as how much rum goes into the syrup and when do you add the almond extract?
i would like the answers to all these questions also. sounds so wonderful. thanks
hi!!! please i have the same question about the egg many? thanks
Sorry, it's 3/4 cups of egg yolks. That's about 12 to 14 eggs depending of size.
ChristieC: Sorry about that. You can substitute rum for the almond extract in the syrup. You will mix in your choice when you remove the sugar and water mixture from heat. Choice only one. If you prefer not to have so much rum you can divide it; 1 1/2 tbsp. of rum amd 1 1/2 tsps. of almond extract. Also I did not mention, because this is a pound cake and I use syrup to moisten it, I use a 10" round pan, with 3" height. If you are going to stack this cake use less syrup to keep the firmness needed. I have no experience with thinner pans but if you are going to use a thinner pan use less syrup, try 1/2 cup per pan. This recipe is based on Puerto Rico's traditional wedding cake recipe. We only use 3" or 4" height pans. If anyone tries it please let me know feedback.
your cake sounds yummy. What is cinnamon extract?
Cinnamon extract is similar to almond extract or vanilla extract. It come in gallons and some stores have smaller bottles for retail sale. If you do not find it just substitute with vanilla or butter extract.
HOla! Soy de Puerto Rico pero vivo en Indiana y queria saber cual es la receta del bizcocho tradicional mojadito. Siempre se usa ron? y como es cuando es con pina? Gracias
yadiraliz: Hi, do not worry I will be posting the traditional recipe soon. About the rum question, well not always it is used. You can substitute it with almond extract or half almond and half rum. Remember some clients do not consume rum. It all depends on your clients. But if you want the original recipe, the original flavor - rum is the key. About the pineapple I have no idea I have never used it or tasted it; and I have been living in PR for over 30 years. But if you do find out let me know.
same question as bcake1960 - is that 1/4 c cinnamon powder???
let me know when you post the traditional recipe, i can wait to try it. Thanks you!
awela prepare the batter first, the eggs whites are the last part of the recipe. You can't have the meringue waiting to much or the meringue will be liquid.
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