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Chocolate moulding paste

So easy! Roll it, mould it.


  • 500g chocolate 1 cup icing sugar


Melt chocolate and mix in sugar. If it looks too dry you have the right consistancy. Gather in your hands and squeeze and mould until it looks and feels like play dough. Roll it out and make roses as you would use sugar paste (icing sugar on work surface and rolling pin) or use to make figures etc. Once refrigerated this goes lovely and firm and tastes great.

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you have this listed twice. one says 300g chocolate, to 1 cup icing sugar. this one says 500g chocolate to 1 cup icing sugar. can you explain the difference. would love to try this. thanks
what is icing sugar?
Icing sugar is powdered sugar.
What kind of chocolate works best?
Sorry all this was a typo, should read 300g icing sugar, this needs to be squeezed and rolled in the warmth of your hands to get the consistency of play dough. Hope this helps.
Any chocolate I have found works the same expensive or not.
thank you karen_uk1 for the info. now i will try it.
No problem, hope it works for you now after all that, he he.x
Thank you for the recipe,sounds very easy.Could this be used for covering cakes too?
thx for sharing. when do you add iceing sugar, right away ?
I've never tried covering a cake but as it behaves like fondant I don't see why not, let me know. Yes add the icing sugar straight away, mix it and it will look really dry and crumbly. That's when you get your hands in and start squeezing and kneading.
Can you use white chocolate?
Yes, in fact I first tried this with white chocolate.
How many cups or tablespoons is the equivelant of 500 g of chocolate. I"m assuming the chocolate is cocoa?
In ganache, white chocolate is used in different ratios than dark chocolate, is it the same with this recipe and if so, how much white chocolate do you use. Also, I've made chocolate clay with chocolate and corn syrup, but it does not stretch well. How does this recipe stretch? (Sorry for the long entry!)
NannieBaker, no the chocolate is a bar of chocolate as it needs to be melted. TNTFundraiser, I have always messed around with the quantities so sorry not to be more specific, my suggestion would be try it and see, I have found this behaves much the same as sugar paste as far as stretching, hope this helps.
just making sure I have this right - is it 500gm chocolate and 300gm icing sugar?
I am a novice decorator and I need to make a figure of a boy using modeling chocolate. It needs to be white so I can paint it. I bought a bag of candy melts in off white tonight but do not know what to do to it now to make it into modeling chocolate. Can anyone help me?
Karen, Just a quick question ... does this dry hard like gumpaste or is it more like fondant?
according to a website. 500g is equal to 2.175 cups and 300g is equal to 1.305cups.. hope this helps
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