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Candy Clay for Modeling & 3D Figures

Edible & Tasty clay. Great for making flowers or 3D accessories for your cakes!

Candy Clay for Modeling & 3D Figures


  • 14 oz. Package of Candy / Chocolate Melts 1/3 cup light corn syrup


  1. Melt Candy Melts following package directions. Add corn syrup and stir to blend. Turn out mixture onto waxed paper and let set at room temperature to dry. Wrap well and store at room temperature until needed. Candy Clay handles best if hardened overnight.
  2. To Tint: Candy Clay may be tinted using Wilton Candy or Icing Color. Knead in color until well blended.
  3. To Use: Candy Clay will be very hard at the start; knead a small portion at a time until workable. If Candy Clay gets too soft, set aside at room temperature or refrigerate briefly. When rolling out Candy Clay, sprinkle work surface with cornstarch to prevent sticking; roll to approximately 1/8 in. thickness.
  4. To Store: Prepared Candy Clay will last for several weeks at room temperature in a well-sealed container.

Comments (47)

Thanks for posting this recipe. I believe it's just what I need.
hi, I cant get my candy melts until tomorrow. I would like to make roses for SATURDAY! will they still turn out if i dont let it harden over night?
thanks for the recipe, it worked perfect!
thanks for the info look forward to using it
have you ever tried covering a whole cake using this method instead of fondant?
this is a terrific recipe
Can someone please help??? I have tried to make modeling chocolate using white chocolate so I can tint it and it keeps coming out very oily, what am I doing wrong?? I've made it with semi-sweet and sweet chocolate and it comes out perfect!!! But never when I use white chocolate...thanks!
I have the same problem as Lovisa & just thought I was doing it wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
How long should this take to dry? Can you put it in the fridge to make it harden faster?
I read in Toba Garrets book "the well decorated cake" that white chocolate has a higer fat content ,so when you make modeling chocolate with it, it turns out more oily. It suggested buying some Newsprint (you can buy it at Michaels) to let it harden on and it will soak up the excess oil after you let it set for 2-4 hours. She also mentioned DO NOT overstir when adding the corn syrup. Hope that helps!
I have found that dusting my hands with cornstarch while working with it, helps to absorb the oils and makes white chocolate very easy to work with :) hth
oh, and some of the oil disappears as you let it sit out on the counter to harden intially.
I attempted to make the modeling chocolate using white chocolate. How do I add color to it? I tried using Wilton's icing color but the chocolate became crumbly. What am I doing wrong? Should I paint my figure after it is completed or is there a different coloring product I should try?
Hi guys - I am all new at this. When the modelling chocolate sets - is it still plyable or do you need to 'shave' it to get your shape? Thanks
yes when it sets it is like playdough and i agree use some powder sugar or cornstarch and it works alot better hope this helps
could I use this to make deer antlers? I'm wanting something that will get hard enough to stand up without drooping
How far in advance should I make there to ensure that they'll be hard enough
I love this recipe! I can't believe store-bought ones are $11/lb when it's really pretty simple to make. Didn't even use a double boiler...just microwaved the chocolate. Just like MMF, I tried microwaving modelling chocolate if it gets too hard and begins to crumble. I put it in for about 8-10 seconds to make it pliable again.
When coloring chocolate/candy, you shouldn't use icing color. You need to use candy coloring. The icing color contains water and will cause your chocolate to seize up.
does this work the same as gumpaste for making detail pieces or 3d models? would love to "play" with this stuff to get some practice in, but its soooo expensive to buy it at the store.
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