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Best Butter Cream Ever!

This butter cream is great for any cake I am using a french vanilla flavoring but any flavor can be added.


  • 2lb Powder Sugar 2 sticks unsalted butter (I use Lando O Lakes) Sour Cream 2 Tsp Milk 1 tbsp French Vanilla Flavoring (or flavor of choice)


Mix all except Sour Cream. Start with adding 1Tbsp at a time of sour cream until you have the consistancy you prefer. I use less when using it to pipe or decorate and more when icing a cake.

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Sounds great. For us in Canada, how much butter measured in cups? How big is a stick of butter?
In the US, a standard stick of butter is 8 Tablespoons which equals 1/2 cup.
With the sour cream in the icing, I would think that the cakes would have to be kept refrigerated. What have you found in using this icing? I'm concerned about using this for wedding cakes, seeing how they are sitting out for several hours before the reception even begins.
Does it crust well?
With all of that sugar, you don't have to worry about spoilage on the milk products ... I have used a similar recipe with buttermilk instead of the sr.crm & works like a charm!
I will have to try it, sounds good!
How much sour cream?
Would it make much difference to use vegetable shortening instead of butter?
just wondering ...with u recomend this for a crumb coat
Since there isn't much salt. Will it crust well and quick? I usually add a little salt to mine to make it less sweet plus it crust faster.
Thank you this recipe sounds awesome!! and I also want to know...does it crust good?
I also would like to know how much sour cream you are using?
I would like to try this resipe, but how much sour cream will I need?
The "Instructions" part of the recipe tells how much sour cream to use.
@goofy372...i dont think I would use this recipe for a wedding cake. For the simple fact that its dairy products and you never know it may go sour or separate after a couple of hours....I say stick with what you know.
This makes an incredible buttercream - if I can add my twopence worth - in the UK I would use 10oz slightly salted butter a hard block, not your tub variety and yes it makes a big difference if you use shortening - (UK - shortening melts differently in the mouth, does not whip to the consistency of butter and well it just isn't butter - that's not to say you couldn't make this with shortening, it would make a much brighter, whiter icing, so could actually offer a cleaner, crisper look. But, the real key to this icing is the mix time - 1 standard block - 10oz - approx 250g hard butter, left out overnight, beat with electric whisk (I haven't got a stand mixer, but it would be preferable) slowly for 10 or 20 secs in a really large bowl. Increase through the speeds, til you hit warp speed (I wish) then continue to beat the butter for approx 5 mins - it will get lighter, fluffier, just glorious. Next, tip in 1 standard box - 20oz - 500g - Icing Sugar (no need to sift), 1 slurp (generous tablespoon plus a bit more if needed!) single cream. Will def try sour cream tip - thanks, The cream gives lightness, richness and creaminess... go cream! Next chuck in your flavourings (crucial to achieving almost orgasmically good buttercream (I use three different vanillas in my Vanilla Bean Buttercream - but then I'm very sad. Or you could try adding 10oz (large bar) of good darkish - 55% - melted chocolate at this point... oh mamma) Add any colourings And, Initially fold gently with a spoon just until the main sugar cloud has subsided, then start in again with your whisk and whisk for 5 - 10 mins - I like the creamy billowy fluffiness you get after mixing it for 8+ minutes - it pipes borders and stars etc like a dream, but to pipe roses etc, either chill down your piping equipment or fill your piping bag with the buttercream then wang it in the fridge for 5 minutes, this just solidifies the butter enough to pipe stiffer roses or more detailed work - if poss place back in fridge - 20 mins is sufficient to set the shape - it's not necessary, sometimes there isn't time, but it certainly aids in the portability of the cakes In it's fluffy state, the buttercream, makes a great crumb coat, goes on very easily, quite thin or thick as you like, doesn't pull at the sponge and crusts like a dream - perhaps it's the salt in the butter, but sugar is a notorious crust former - as is butter. And in twenty years of weddings and children's parties, hospital fetes, school functions and lunchboxes, the buttercream has never once deteriorated despite sitting out all day, (only codocil to this is heat - if you're sweating, chances are your buttercream is too) But, if kept at room temperature, well covered (mainly to avoid absorbing nearby odours), it can last for days and days. Sorry to blather on, but properly whipped buttercream is a serious culinary dream
The Mich Turner Recipe is really good!!! from "Spectacular Cakes" book I recommend it!!! I use 9 ounces unsalted butter softened (kirkland costco is good too) and 4 cups of confectioner sugar. and the preference flavor I use almond emulsion is super good for smooth water 1 to 2 tsp of water
Hi, i need to make a raspberry buttercream and wondered if this would last?? Ive never made a butercream with fresh fruit before and wasnt sure how long i would be able to leave it for, i plan on putting it between vanilla sponge and covering it in fondant but dont want to put it in the you think it would last a week??
This sounds very interesting and I would love to try but imam also wondering if this has been used under fondant or marshmallow fondant??
will def try this out! dazedand thank you for your heavenly take on buttercream and you experience! i loved reading your above post and will def refer back it for future reference!
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