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100% Sugar free icing

I had a hard time finding a recipe that tasted good when I made a wedding cake for a diabetic family. I experimented around and came up with this was so good no one could believe it was sugar free and I even had people who are not diabetic order it because it tasted so good!


  • 2 (1 ounce) boxes sugar-free instant pudding mix (any flavor) 1 cup skim milk 3 cups heavy whipping cream


Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Using electric mixer at low speed, mix til pudding is dissolved. Increase speed and whip until it is spreading consistency.

Comments (22)

Can you decorate with it? Flowers and so on?
you can!! But I would only do basic piping!! It has a cool whip texture but tastes amazing!
do it have to be refrigerated until served? Will it hold up setting out a few hours
I reccomend refrigerating it until day of. I put it on my cakes and then refrigerate cake until day of delivery or pick up. I have had a few wedding cakes I made with this that lasted 6-8 hours and it was perfectly fine. Have had a TON of positive feedback on the taste!!
if you look at my cake photos, the tier cake with the green flowers is made with this recipe!:)
Do you think if you added a little bit of meringue powder it would help it set up more like decorators icing??? Have you tried this?
i have not but maybe?? I had a tent this weekend at a very large and popular art festival here and I had the sugar free cupcakes and icing with sold like crazy even to non diabetics. poeple were running back to the tent saying they couldnt believe how good it was!! This recipe is definately a great recipe!! It sells well!
I just used this on my husband's birthday cake and everyone loved it! I even made roses with it. This will be my go to icing when I need sugar free. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
This icing is wonderful! I've been diabetic for 15 years and hardly ever get to eat cake. Would you be willing to share your sugarfree cupcake recipe? I've tried different cakes over the years but they were all heavy not light like a cupcake.
I just use the pilsbury sugar free box recipe...its very yummy!!
Diabetes is hereditary in my husband's family, so this icing will be great. Do you have a recipe for a 'diabetic' (no-carb) cake without using flour or sugar (maybe baked with nut flour or almond meal instead)? Thanks!
I usually add a little Cream of Tartar to my royal icing to give it a little more holding power. Would that work here too? I want to try this recipe immediately!!! My hubby made a sugar free cake for me for my birthday so this would have been awesome with that. And the great part is, you can make any flavor that they have SF pudding!! :-D
hey this is so awsome my dad is a diabetic and his birthday is coming up this will be so great for him! Do you happen to also have a recipe for a cake safe for diabetics that also taste good?
I made this tonight and it was really good. . I substituted a flavored creamer for the milk to give it some additional flavor to compliment the pudding. My main concern is longevity. Given this is all dairy based it will not last in the south very long outside a chilled environment.
Thanks so much, my mom is diabetic will try this out on her
how long will this frosting last if you make it in advance? Is it something that needs to be used immediately or does it have a "shelf" life?
Do you think I could use this under fondant?
I wouldn't try it under fondant it's to soft.
I absolutely love this recipe! I used it for the first time last night for a grooms cake and it turned out fabulous! The bride and groom seemed very pleased (I tested out a sample myself and it was delicious despite the lack of sugar). It was super easy to spread and I almost preferred it to my standard BC. This will definitely be my go-to SF frosting recipe!!
How much frosting does this recipe make? I need to frost a 2-layer 8" Round cake. Also, I had trouble my first time making this.. I couldn't get the pudding to dissolve. The frosting tasted good, but had all little lumps in it from the undissolved pudding. Any ideas what I did wrong?
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